Dogecoin Price Prediction (2022-2025) Is Dogecoin Worth it to Buy?

Dogecoin Price Prediction


Dogecoin Fundamentals

Before jumping to the Dogecoin price prediction you should take a look at the fundamentals.

  • Launch Date2013
    Current Price$0.1547
    Market Cap$22,274,371,584.0
    52 Week High-Low$0.2266 - $0.1547
    Coin Rank#10
    MechanismProof of Work
    Listed onMore Than 119
    All-Time High$0.6848 on 07 May 2021
    All-Time Low$0.0000869 on 06 May 2015
    Max Transaction Capability30 to 40 Per Second
    Average Transaction CostVariable (Depend on Demand & Supply)
    Current Circulating Supply132.7 B
    Maximum SupplyUnlimited
    Top 10 Holders Have50.65% Stake
    Top 100 Holders Have69.23% Stake
    Web &

Dogecoin Price History

To better predict the future value of any crypto, we must understand the past. The Dogecoin price history can show you what levels the price has passed through in the past and how far it is likely to go in the future. The analysis includes support, resistance, no trading zones and much more information which aids in making predictions about dogecoin prices.

Dogecoin Price History

Dogecoin All Time Chart

  • Current Price $0.0407
    2022 Mid$0.06609
    2021 End$0.17130
    2021 Mid$0.24450
    2020 End$0.00463
    2020 Mid$0.00235
    2019 End$0.00206
    2019 Mid$0.00340
    2018 End$0.00240
    2018 Mid$0.00250
    2017 End$0.00786
    2017 Mid$0.00264
    2016 End$0.00022
    2016 Mid$0.00030
    2015 End$0.00015
    2015 Mid$0.00019
    2014 End$0.00017
    2014 Mid$0.00025
    2013 End$0.00042

Dogecoin Price Prediction For 2022-2025

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin Price Key Levels

  • Trend: Sideways
  • Support: $0.0566 - $0.0507
  • Resistance: $0.0902
  • Relative Strength : 50

As you can see in above chart dogecoin is going through the sideways trend after hitting hard and fall more then 90% from their all time high price $0.6848 in the last 18th months.

Now from $0.07206 to $0.05623 is a no trading zone which mean there no clear movement, so to avoid losses you need to avoid this zone.

Above this No Trading Zone we can capture up to 20% to 25% movement after the dogecoin price will cross the $0.07206 level and the next target would be near $0.0900 which is also a resistance level.

Long Term View On Dogecoin Weekly Chart

Dogecoin Long-Term View

Dogecoin Weekly Chart

As you can see in the previous curve zone where after crossing the $0.0050 price level dogecoin just boomed and hit more then 100x value in just 6 months. And now we can this Dogecoin U-turn curve again on weekly chart and the price is trading at the lowest level of this curve.

But still it has very little strength in it making it a tough market to trade. The trend line on the weekly charts has been broken and we are looking for some further weakness before that trend line can be rebounded. There is nothing saying it will rebound yet but if the price does break past the $0.050 level then I would expect it to bounce back up and retest the all time high.

But before taking any trades we have to understand that it also have some conditions like it has to break resistance zone ($0.090) and 20 EMA and most important the whole Crypto Market need to be positive or uptrend.

Dogecoin Weekly Trend

Vechain Zig-Zag Move

It is getting increasingly difficult for Dogecoin to break the $0.050 support level. At this point, even though we are still below the previous high of $0.052, the support should hold and we might be able to revisit the $0.05 price mark in the near distant future.

However, if the downtrend continues and the price breaks the $0.050 level then it is a great short trade and it would hit the $0.011 price mark.

Dogecoin Trend Index

As you can see the technical analysis shows that dogecoin has to sell single at the long-term view. The weekly chart shows that dogecoin is in a downward trend. This would mean that it's possible that dogecoin could drop even more. On the other hand, the strength of its last price move was slightly higher than its previous movement so this could suggest a rally off this support level for now.

Dogecoin Google Trends

Dogecoin Google Trends

The trend is also negative in Google Trends. Dogecoin is most popular cryptos in 2021 but right now dogecoin doesn't have enough search volume on google trends. This means that majority of crypto investors, traders, and Decentralized Apps users are not currently interested in this meme coin, or may be they are waiting for the right time.

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The information provided in this article is not financial or investing advice. The author does not make any warranties about this information's completeness, reliability, and accuracy. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and it can be difficult to predict which coins will rise and fall in value over time. Any investor should research multiple viewpoints before committing to an investment.