Silver Market Cap (2022)

The current Estimated Silver Market Cap is $1.456 Trillion

The silver market cap is calculated based on the total world's above-ground silver reserve (which is 17,40,000 metric tonnes according to USGS) and multiplying with the current silver market price.

Look silver is more complicated than gold because its prices have been followed for centuries and are highly volatile due to speculation and supply & demand. So it's difficult to determine the exact market capitalization, but you can estimate the entire valuation from this formula - Total Available Silver x Current Price.

History of Silver

Total Above Ground Silver Chart

About 1.74 million tons of silver mined to date and more than 55% of these are produced by 4-countries (Mexico, China, Peru, and Russia). But 5,60,000 metric tons of silver remains under the ground level. So much metal that if you put it close by, it will be about 55 meters in each direction and taller than the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

World's Total Silver In One Place

NoteThe size of the silver box increases every year.

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