9 Best Ways to Become A Real Rich

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1. Know What Rich Do

If you're looking for a Sunrise, you must head east. Know where the money is. Start your online business, invest in real estate, and learn about the stock market.

2. Forget About Money

If you receive $100 then deliver $1000 worth of value. Focus on being the best in your industry and money will follow you. Money is a natural by-product of being great.

3. Plan For Decades Not Years

We tend to overthink what we can achieve in the short term and undervalue what we can accomplish in 10 to 20 years. If you try to rush success, you may give up too soon.

4. Use Leverage

How can you leverage your efforts? The internet has the solution. Using Social media, starting a blog, recording videos, podcasts, and writing a book can give you infinite leverage.

" 5. Live Modestly Until You Are A Cash Millionaire."

"Spread the legs as much as the sheet." Keep your expenses very low until you reach your goals. By doing this you will stay grounded and humble.

6. Follow The 10% Rule

A good rule to follow is to never invest more than 10% of your net worth in a highly depreciable asset. Because it just loses its value over time not generates any kind of income

7. Only Lend What You Can Afford To Lose

Never lose relationships over money. If you lend money, be prepared to never see it again. Only give what you can afford to lose with friends and family.

8. Never Lay Odd

Whenever there is a business deal or investment, always try to make smart decisions to maximize your chance of making more money and betting odds.

9. Consider Your Savings at Zero

When you are in an emergency and you “need” to break your savings, then ask yourself: “What would I do if I didn’t have this money? Then do that.

10. Prepare For the Worst

Make a plan, gain knowledge, acquire skills, and put your best effort. However, being prepared for the worst-case scenario can give you an edge and set you one step ahead.

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