Student Loan - Biden May Allow $10000 Forgiveness

31st Aug Last Date

2 years ago during the pandemic the US Government paused student loan repayment till 31st Aug 2022.

Now what will happen on 1st Sep 2022 would the students repay the loan or Joe Biden may announce debt forgiveness?

Will Biden Cancel Debt

Possibility president Biden may announce student loan forgiveness up to $10000 in debt for those who earn up to $125k annually.

Forgiveness up to $10000 Possible

Currently, the total Federal Student Debt is $1.75 trillion with 44 million borrowers.

Inflation Impact

According to the CNBC survey, nearly 60% of Americans think that forgiveness of student loans will make an impact on students' pockets and inflation too.

The loan cancellation will provide more money to students for spending which could cause high inflation but many people don't agree with this fact.

This forgiveness would cost USA government nearly $300 billion for the first year.

Extension In Pause

The Student loan also has the possibility of an extension of the repayment pause period for the next several months.

If the president allows loan forgiveness then these borrowers may be eligible for benefits: Federal Direct Loans, FFELP Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, and Grad PLUS Loans.

 Will You Receive Inflation Relief Checks

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