Top Billionaires Who Lost $1.4 Trillion In 2022



Lost -$14.6B

Wealth $91.1B

#10 Steve Ballmer

Reliance Industries

Add +$3.05B

Wealth $93B

#09 Mukesh Ambani

Berkshire Hathaway

Lost -$14.1B

Wealth $94.3B

#08 Warren Buffett


Lost -$28.3B

Wealth $95.3B

#07 Sergey Brin

Adani Group

Wealth $98.6B

#06 Gautam Adani

Add +$22.1B


Lost -$29B

Wealth $99.4B

#05 Larry Page


Lost -$23.4B

Wealth $115B

#04 Bill Gates


Lost -$49.3B

Wealth $129B

#03 Bernard Arnault


Lost -$62.7B

Wealth $130B

#02 Jeff Bezos


Lost -$61.8B

Wealth $208B

#01 Elon Musk

The first half is not good for the stock market. According to the current data, the S&P 500 index reports a more than 17% fall in the last 6 months.

First Half of 2022

$100B Club Has Only 5 Man

Before 2022 there are 10+ riches persons who have more than $100B in wealth but for now, there are only 5 members left in this club.

During high inflation, people borrow less and spend less which affects the demand, companies' earnings decrease, and stock prices drop.

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