2011 - 2022

 Biggest Bitcoin Crashes

On June 19, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world admitted that criminals had hacked hundreds of accounts and stole millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins.

 June 2011: -99%


 August 2012: -56%


In April 2013, Trading was so intense that Mt. Gox couldn’t handle the volume, and when it crashed, hackers attacked the vulnerability - Prices done from nearly $260 to $50.

  April 2013: -83%


When China banned Bitcoin, it lost 50% of its value overnight. China’s relationship with cryptocurrency remains turbulent and the country continues to add new restrictions today.

  Dec 2013: -50%


2017 was a landmark year for Bitcoin, which broke all its own records and it all came crashing down as investors harvested gains from what was an obvious bubble.

  Dec 2017 to Dec 2018: -83%


The pandemic did not spare Bitcoin, and when the markets crashed in March 2020, the Bitcoin market crashed even harder. Bitcoin lost half its value in two days.

  March 2020: -50%


First, Elon Musk went back on a promise to accept Bitcoin as a payment for Tesla cars. Then, China announced yet another crypto crackdown - that's $1T in value was wiped off.

  May 2021: -53%


Bitcoin faced selling pressure around the resistance level of $66,000 and fell below $33,000 in the following two months. Crypto crash erases more than $0.5 trillion in market value

  Nov 2021: -50%


 2022: -73%

Bitcoin's price is just as likely to fall back down as it is to continue climbing. Rising inflation interest rate hikes and geopolitical instability could be the reason

Fed Triggered Recession