$21K or $29K?

Bitcoin is Moving Slow

In the last 6 months, the Bitcoin price has dropped almost 70%. After making the law of 17600 in Mid of June, and now BTC is slowly moving up.

Upside Trend Range 

BTC is slowly moving up compared to other top currencies. The above chart shows that BTC is in a slow trend range.

$23K Support Zone

Currently, BTC is trading near $23K, a support zone. If the price could not sustain this level we might see the $21K price mark.

$25200 Resistance

Talk about a resistance area where the Fibonacci indicator level of $25,200. And if the price sustains this level, a big movement will follow.

Next Possible Move

If BTC prices sustain above $25,200 they might go toward the $29,000 mark, almost 15%-20% of momentum.

Side Ways Move

BTC may trade sideways in the future months. $19000 to $25000 may be the possible range.

Chance of BTC Fall

But if the Bitcoin price could not sustain the $17000 level we might see the $12K to $11 price level mark. (Which has a low possibility)

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