How to Make $1000
A Month From
Dividend Investing

To make $1000 from dividend investing you have to understand how companies pay a dividend.

Dividend payments are not necessary for every company but many companies pay dividends to their shareholder when they have lots of money/profit.

how companies pay a dividend

For example, a Z company issues a $2.0 dividend per share, meaning a person who has 300 shares of a Z company gets $600 in dividend income.

To make money from dividend investing we have to invest in stocks that provide regular dividends like "Dividend Aristocrats and "Dividend Kings".

Companies Who Provide Regular Dividend 

High Yield Dividend Stocks

Regular Dividend Provider

These "stocks consistently increase their dividends for at least 25 years (Dividend Aristocrat) and 50 years (Dividend Kings)

Now the question is "How to Make $1000 a month as a Dividend Income".

So It depends on how much capital you invested in dividend stocks and how much those companies pay for dividends.

Think For $12000 A Year

To earn $1000 per month you have to think of a $12000 annual dividend which is equal to the company's dividend yield.

For Example

Let's assume the Phillips stocks price is $200 and they pay a regular annual dividend which is on average $8 (4% Dividend Yield)

Now to generate $12000 a year ($1000 monthly) you need at least ($12000/4%) $300K total capital or 1500 Phillips stocks according to the $200 price.

That capital is only for example. In real you can make $1000 a month with $200K capital or it may be $600K depending on how much dividend yield you are getting.

The best way to meet your dream dividend income In 3 steps:

1. Focus on regular and strong dividend yield.

2. Reinvest your dividend income.

3. Diversify Portfolio for consistent returns.

You can also join dividend communities and forums where you can learn more about dividend investing.

 Pro Tip 

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