Tesla Down 45%. Is It a Good Time

to Buy?

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Global Sell-Off

Rising interest rates have forced many investors to shift their money from risky stocks to safe investments. The global equity markets are down 15-20% in 2022


The stock prices of blue-chip stocks have declined in recent months, and leading EV company Tesla was also hit hard by a 45% drop from its peak in 2022.

Why did Tesla Fell?

There are a number of reasons for the decline in the stock price of Tesla.

Rising Inflation forced Federal Reserve to Increase Interest Rates causing a global sell-off.

Lower production numbers due to Supply Chain Issues.

Closure of Gigafactory Shanghai due to Lockdown in China.

Distracting Musk-Twitter Deal put the extra pressure on Tesla Stock

Is It a Good Time to Buy Tesla Stock?

Many investors see the market sell-off as an opportunity to buy quality stocks. Many analysts are bullish on Tesla with a “moderate-buy” rating. Here are a few factors that you should focus on before buying Tesla.

Tesla recently announced plans for a 3-for-1 stock split, pending a shareholder vote in August.

Stock Split

The company believes it has a "reasonable shot" at increasing vehicle production by another 60% this year, compared to 2021. 


The analyst believes TSLA should begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel, as demand issues become resolved in China.

China Situation


Tesla P/E has come down much faster than its stock price. investors should realize that they are getting in on a very fast-growing company.

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