Mass Layoffs 2022

Wave of Layoffs

A few weeks ago Joe Biden said we are not in recession but companies are still cutting jobs, and these are on top of it.

#11 Walmart

Job Cuts: 300

Founder: Sam Walton

#10 Robinhood

Founder: Vladimir Tenev

Job Cuts: 300

#09 Netflix

Founder: Reed Hastings

Job Cuts: 450

#08 Ford

Founder: Henry Ford

Job Cuts: 580

#07 Coinbase

Founder: Brian Armstrong

Job Cuts: 1,100

#06 Unilever

Founder: Antonius Johan.

Job Cuts: 1,500

#05 Tesco

Founder: Jack Cohen

Job Cuts: 1,600

#04 Microsoft

Founder: Bill Gates

Job Cuts: 1,800


Job Cuts: 3,000

Founder: Garth Drabinsky

#02 Cineplex

Founder: Garth Drabinsky

Job Cuts: 5,000

#01 Amazon

Job Cuts: 1,00,000

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Unemployment Rate

The current US Unemployment rate is 3.5% where a number of unemployed persons edged down to 5.7 million and the employment-population ratio, at 60.0%

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