Rise of Gautam Adani

Asia's wealthiest man Gautam Adani is facing a significant challenge as a result of allegations regarding business practices. Did you know, how he become so big?

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Millionaire at 20

After dropping out of college and working for a few years as a diamond sorter, he open his diamond brokerage firm in 1980. Which made him a self-made millionaire at the age of 20.



90s Growth

The 90s was a turning point for Adani, he expand business in Metals, Textiles, Energy, and Ports. In 1995 he won the contract of Mundra Port which is the largest commercial port in India.

Billionaire Gautam Adani was kidnapped In Ahmedabad for a $1.5 million ransom according to the charge sheet presented by police.

 Jan 1988


$750 Million In 4 Days

In 2018 Gautam Adani cracked Udupi Power Corporation ₹6000 Crore ($750 Million Current Value) Deal In just 4 days.


Adani rescued in 26/11

Gautam Adani was at the Taj hotel in Mumbai during the 26 Nov 2008 terrorist attack but he was safely rescued by security.





Gautam Adani has 7 listed companies (Adani Group) that have a market cap of more than $200 Billion in December

Billion Market Cap


Adani Green Energy +8034%
Adani Transmission +2954%
Adani Enterprises +2246%
Adani Power +1149%
Adani Total Gas +914%
Adani Ports +111%
Adani Wilmar +80%

Adani Group Last 5 Year Performance (As of 2022)


$27.5 Billion Debt (As of 2022)

Gautam Adani plays the leverage game and he had ₹2.2 Lakh Crore ($27.5 Billion Current Value) Debt in 2022.



In 2022 Billionaires List, Gautam Adani has more than $143 billion net worth and the fun fact is he has added almost $133 billion in just 30 months.

Although it fell significantly after recent report


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