Top 5 Cities to Buy Home Under $300,000

Prices Are Record High

Housing market is facing a tough time due to rising prices & mortgage rates. Home prices increased 46% in the last 3 years.

Housing Recession

Fed rate hikes and inflation have affected the housing market badly. According to the most recent data, 1.3 million properties remain unsold.

Affordable Home

Many people on a limited budget are looking for affordable housing. So here are the top 5 cities where you can still buy a house for less than $300,000.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Cost of Living: 83.8/100

Population: 182,113

Average Home Price: $285,178

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Omaha, Nebraska


Cost of Living: 89.8/100

Population: 487,300

Average Home Price: $271,446

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Tallahassee, Florida

Cost of Living: 93.8/100

Population: 197,102

Average Home Price: $266,278


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Cost of Living: 87.5/100

Population: 300,431

Average Home Price: $235,267

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El Paso, Texas

Cost of Living: 81.4/100

Population: 678,415

Average Home Price: $201,398


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