Meme Stock Mania

What's Happening

Many Small investors bet on risky stocks that may generate high returns in a few weeks. Meme Stocks are the new favorite of retail investors.

Meme Stocks

Meme Stocks are the stocks that have seen a sudden spike in trading volume led by the hype on social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter.

Volatile & Risky

These stocks are highly volatile and risky as prices show sudden spikes without any changes in the fundamentals of the company.

How Meme Stocks Work

Initially, Meme Stock Mania started with the stock Gamestop when it become popular on the Reddit forum “WallStreetBets” as investors start to bet on highly shorted stocks.

The meme stock investors wanted to make a profit on “Short Squeeze”

Short Squeeze 

 A short squeeze happens when short sellers are forced to buy back shorted shares due to a sudden spike in stock prices resulting in margin calls.

 Top Trending   Meme Stocks 


Bed Bath & Beyond

Symbol: BBBY
Price Change: 500% (July-Aug 22)
Business: Domestic Merchandise Retail Stores Chain



Symbol: GME
Price Change: 1625% (Jan 2021)
Business: American Video Game, Consumer Electronics


AMC Entertainment

Symbol: AMC
Price Change: 525% (May-Jun 21)
Business: American Movie Theater Company


Tilray Brand

Symbol: TLRY
Price Change: 800% (Jan-Feb 21)
Business: Producer & Distributor of Medicinal Cannabis.

According to Hypeequity here is the list of other meme stocks which are hyped on social media.

Other Meme Stocks

1. FuboTV
2. Tesla
3. Best Buy
4. Party City
5. BlackBerry
6. Nokia, and
7. Cassava Sciences.

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