Why does Indonesia Blocks Paypal, Yahoo, and Gaming Platforms?

New Data Regulations

Late in November 2020, Indonesia passed a new law relating to the user database, and it warned all businesses to register under the new rules to avoid being blacklisted.

Authority of User Info.

In the new law, officials have broad authority to issue lawsuits requiring platform user data and erase any content found to be unlawful or to "disturb public order" within 24h.

Registration Last Date

The final date to register under a new law was 29 July 2022 and Facebook, Instagram, Google, Meta Platforms, WhatsApp, and Amazon.com had registered.

Platform Not Registered

However, numerous websites, including Yahoo, Paypal, and gambling websites, were not registered under the News Data Law before 29 July.

Websites Blocked

Businesses including Yahoo, Paypal, and gaming portals like Steam, Dota2, Counter-Strike, and EpicGames are blocked for breaking the new guidelines.

People Against Govt

People tend to #BlokirKominfo on Twitter and said that Indonesia's Ministry of Communication killing freelancers and eSport players in this country.

171M Internet Users 

With over 171 million internet users, Indonesia is one of the biggest online markets worldwide. As of July 2021, around 70 percent. Popular online activities.

Affect On Companies

Many companies and users are badly affected by this decision. And if companies are not registered soon they will lose big revenue possibilities.