Why Natural Gas Prices are Going Up

Price Jump 700%

European Natural Gas prices are almost 700% higher than last year. 

US Gas Prices Hike 146%

US Natural Gas prices soared 146% in a year and reached the highest level since 2008, it's relatively lower but it's rising too.

Let’s find out why Oil & Gas prices are skyrocketed despite the global efforts toward reducing dependency on Fossil fuels

Russia - Second Largest Producer 

Russia is the second largest producer of natural gas, accounting for 17.4% of the World’s Total Natural Gas.

Europ Import 40%

European Countries import 40% of their gas supplies from Russia. Germany and Italy are the largest importer countries.

Russia-Ukraine War

European Countries have imposed various sanctions after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. EU pledged to cut import of Russian gas by ⅔ within a year.

Russia started to tighten the flows of Gas Supplies and prices are soaring as Europe prepare for Winter.

Winter Is Coming

Rising Interest Rates

Energy prices are sensitive to interest rate changes as it involves high infrastructure costs. 

UK Inflation May Be 18%

Recently, US Bank City forecasts that CPI inflation in the UK may reach to 18% in the first quarter of 2023

Europe May Face Recession

Image: GDP Forecast

European countries facing a serious energy crisis which may lead to economic recession.

 Warren Buffett's   Advice Against   Recession 

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