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Why Stock Market is

As of June, the S&P 500 is down 8.5%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is off approximately 7.2%, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is down nearly 8%.

  Market Reports

A war between Russia, Ukraine, and NATO allies had a more severe impact on oil and other commodity prices than an all-out conflict between the countries.

  The War 

Oil prices increased all over the countries and create a negative impact on economies. In the USA the Inflation rate touches 8.6% in May. (Highest Since 1981)

  High Inflation

In response to inflation, the Federal Reserve raised its interest rate by 75 basic points, one of the most aggressive increases in nearly 40 years.

  Fed Rate Hike

The cost of credit increases due to the interest rate hike. Businesses and consumers spending less cause the companies' earnings to fall and the stock prices to drop.

  Interest Rate Effect

Due to stock prices falling equity is less attractive and people shift their money from equity to other instruments like Gold, Bond, and other interest rate products.

  Money Shift

All these factors indicate that the economy is not in a healthy state to support the stock market. We are at risk of a recession and will see this with our pocketbooks.

  Overall Impact

Here are the 3 things or strategies that investors can utilize to minimize the impact of a stock market fall/crash on their investments portfolio. 

  What to Do?

Markets have always recovered from a crash, so timing the market does not work well. You should just stay calm, avoid panic buying or selling, and allow SIPs to continue.

  1. Avoid Panic Sell

Diversification and Asset allocation help your portfolio to reduce risk and losses. Focus on what am I invested in, the value of investments, and financial goals.

  2. Rebalance Portfolio

The S&P 500 index has returned a historic annualized average return of around 10.5% In the last 60 years. So don't worry about today's crash/fall and take it as a long-term.

  3. Long-Term Vision

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