Why Taiwan Is So Important For China

Pelosi May Visit Taiwan

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) has visited Taiwan recently. China is not happy with this which may escalate China-USA tension.

China Issued Warning

China intensifies its pressure on the US House Speaker's visit to Taiwan and issued a warning on Monday, saying the visit would undermine relations between Beijing and Washington.

Military On High Alert

Prior to the formal US visits, Taiwan's military were on high alert as it prepared for conflict with China. Also, China deployed its military weapons to Fujian.

Source: Twitter

China-Taiwan Issue

The PRC rules only Mainland China and but claims Taiwan as part of its territory under its "One China Principle".

Source: BBC

Taiwan Importance

In terms of investment, health, semiconductor supply chains, research, tech., and advantage democratic principles, Taiwan is an important trade partner for the U.S.

China Want To Expand

China wants to increase its overall national power, it seeks to reunify and reclaim its lost territorial and maritime frontiers, which refers to its "core interests."

Source: BBC

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