Bitcoin (BTC) Vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – What’s Next

After the cancellation of SegWit2x fork, the prices of Bitcoin Cash is up by 30% and the hot debate has started

“Will the Bitcoin Cash become the new Official Bitcoin”

The SegWit2x fork was scheduled to improve the processing speed of Bitcoin transactions but it is abanded due to lack of consensus from Bitcoin community.

Slow processing speed is the biggest issue for Bitcoin and the processing speed of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is much faster than Bitcoin. Therefore BCH is now being seen as a favorite alternative which can solve the issue of slow processing speed.

The Fundamentals

The use of cryptocurrency as a currency is very low and most of the people are buying bitcoins in hope of good returns. The true value of any asset is based on the actual use and Bitcoin needs much faster processing time and low transaction cost to increase its use in business transactions. Let’s see what happens

Asked on September 14, 2018 in Cryptocurrency.
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