09 Lessons

to Improve Your Financial Health

Use Personal Finance Tools like “Mint” to start tracking your:
Income, Expense, Assets and

1. Track Your Money

Observe your spending habits and ask before an expense - Is it worth it to spend or are you getting enough value for the expenses?

2. Observe Habits

To ensure security Insurance is important against catastrophic events. Compare various insurance plans & get coverage for Life, Health, Auto & Home

3. Get Insurance

If you want to achieve financial freedom, your priority should be to get rid of all your debts. Start eliminating high-interest debt as soon as possible.

4. Say No to Debt

Don't depend on any one source of income. Improve your skills and Do a side hustle to make new passive income streams.

5. New Income Source

Calculate your monthly expenses and have an emergency fund at least equal to your 3-month expenses and don't touch that fund.

6. Emergency Fund

If your employer offers a 401(k) match, that means they will contribute to your 401(k) A/c to match your contribution. To use this benefit Contribute enough.

7. 401(k) Contribution

HSA’s are triple tax-free means no tax is levied on HSA’s earnings, contributions & distribution. If you have a high deductible health plan then max it out to get the full benefit

8. Health Savings A/C

The easiest way is to buy high-quality index funds or ETFs. Invest regularly in high-growth stocks or index funds to build long-term wealth.

9. Start Investing

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