Bitcoin Breaks 20K 

What Could be the Next Support

Bitcoin is trading below $20,000 the lowest level since December 2020. From its all-time high level of 69K, BTC is down by 72%. Many altcoins are down by 90%

Bitcoin Down by 72%

Inflation, Russia-Ukrain War and Rising interest rates are the main reasons behind the global sell-off in equity and Crypto Market 

Inflation, War & Interest Rates

"$30000 Level Mark was the most important support for $BTC. After breaking this level Bitcoin entered into bear market territory "

Breaking of $30000 Level


"After Breaking 20K Mark, Bitcoin can take short-term support near $18-19K Zone. This is the level where $BTC made high in 2018"

$18000 is the Next Support

$18000-19000 Zone


If $BTC breaks 18K Level, the next support will be in the area of 12-13K and as per many experts, this can be the final bottom. 

$12000 Can be the Bottom


In the Bear market, you make money by shorting #Cryptocurrencies. Most of the Crypto exchange allows you to short $BTC. This can be an hedge against your current holdings. 

How to Make Money in Bear Market 

The trend for #Crypto market is negative and its a sell on rise market.

We may see short term rallies of 20-30% but it will take a long time for full recovery 

When $BTC will recover

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