10 Cities Where Home Price Could Drop by 20%

US Real Estate Market is facing a slowdown as Inflation and Mortgage rates are at Record highs. 

Inflation At Record High

As per US Census Bureau, In July, New Home Sales are down 29.6% from a year ago

House Sells Down

According to a new study by research firm Moody, Homes in 183 US Markets are overvalued by more than 25% and home prices in these cities may see a drop up to 20%.

Here Are The Top 10 Cities Which Is at the highest risk of a Housing Recession

#10 Orlando
Price Overvalued 30.4%

#9 Houston
Price Overvalued 34.5%

#8 Atlanta
Price Overvalued 35.3%

#7 Charleston
Price Overvalued 35.6%

#6 Denver-Fort Collins 
Price Overvalued 42.7%

#5 Bend (Oregon) 
Price Overvalued 43.8%

#4 Rapid City
Price Overvalued 44.2%

#3 Grand Rapids
Price Overvalued 45.6%

#2 Ogden-Clearfield
Price Overvalued 50.6%

#1 Las Vegas
Price Overvalued 53.3%

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