Stock Market

Make Super Returns In

Buy Stage-2 Stocks 

Invest in stocks trading in confirmed stage-2 uptrend. Major price action above 50 DMA

Outperforming Index

Invest in stocks that consistently outperform the market & having High growth potential. 

Trading above 50DMA & 200DMA

Look for stocks that are trading above both their 50-day moving average & 200-day DMA. It's showing positive momentum and a Promising upward trend.

Beat Market Expectations

Identify stocks that consistently exceed market expectations in terms of revenue, earnings, or other key performance metrics. 

Sales and Profit Growing YoY

Invest in companies that have consistent growth in both sales and profits. This indicates a  long-term value to shareholders. 

Low/No Debt or Reducing Debt

Seek out companies with low levels of debt or those actively reducing their debt burden.

Scalable & Sustainable Business Model

Choose stocks that operate with a scalable and sustainable business model. Invest in future-proof companies.

Strong Market Share

Invest in companies that possess a strong market share in their respective industries. These companies have a competitive edge.

Don't Buy Penny Stocks

Don't invest in falling penny stocks. They're risky and unpredictable due to their low price and lack of stability.

Don't buy Crowded Stocks

Avoid buying crowded stocks solely based on their past performance. Investing in popular stocks can lead to inflated prices and increased risk.

Follow your Own Strategy

Don't get caught up in hype and trends. Instead, stick to your own investment strategy and make decisions based on thorough research and analysis.

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