What to Expect in Stock Market Next Week

Triggers For Market

Many factors, like job statistics, company earnings, vehicle sales, manufacturing data, and the China-Taiwan issue might have an impact on the market this week. Let's Find Out ->

Stock Market Recovery

The stock market had its best month since 2020 in July 2022. The S&P 500 increased by 9.11%, Dow Jones rose by 6.83%, and the Nasdaq 100 jumped by 12.55%.

Fed Hike and GDP

The current interest rate increase was 0.75 points and the GDP statistic was down by 0.9%. However, the market sustains levels and looks forward.

Job's Data & Impact

Biden said that we are not in recession. Well on Friday, the Nonfarm Payrolls will show the July employment figures. Which could influence the Fed's upcoming interest rate actions.

Companies Earnings

More than 20% of the S&P 500 companies will release earnings this week, which has a significant impact on the stock market as well as the September Fed rate plans.

Vehicle & Manufacturing

This week, we will see the US vehicle sales and manufacturing data, both of which contribute to GDP and provide insight into the direction of the economy.

Oil Production Meet

OPEC+ will meet to discuss oil output quotas. The supply and price of crude oil may be affected by this. In the current scenario energy prices have a huge impact on the market.

China-Taiwan Issue

There is speculation that Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) may visit Taiwan. China has not happy with this which may escalate China-USA tension.

Global Impact

Over 20% of the growth in the real GDP of the globe is contributed by the United States. Let's see how this week impacts the world.

Why Taiwan is Important For China

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