Why The Big Short Guy "Michael Burry" Sold Almost Everything

Portfolio Liquidates

The Scion Capital founder and hedge fund manager "Michael Burry" sell off 10 out of 11 stocks during the first quarter of 2022.

Sell of $165M Shares

Burry comprised a portfolio worth $165 million at the end of Q1 and during Q2 Scion only have one Stock $GEO, 500k shares worth $3.3 million.

Who Is Michael Burry

Michael Burry is an American investor who made $800M after accurately predicting the 2008 crisis. There is also a "Big Short" movie based on the character.

Image Credit: CNBC.COM

Why He Sold Everything

Now the question is Why do Big investors think that this act of Michael burry has importance itself?

Bubble of All Time

In June Michael tweeted "People always ask me what is going on in the markets. It is simple. Greatest Speculative Bubble of All Time in All Things." 

No Cutting in Spending

He said “Net consumer credit balances are rising at record rates as consumers choose violence rather than cut back on spending in the face of inflation,”

Problem With Crypto

Michael Burry also worried about the Crypto investors. He said the problem with Crypto is Leverage, if you don't know the leverage, you don't know anything.

His Current View on Stock Market...

In the latest tweet, he talks about the average bear market rally. 

He Deleted All Tweets

However, he deleted all his tweets about warnings but you can find them on google by searching "Michael Burry Deleted Tweets"

How To Track Burry

If you want to track Michael Burry's holdings you can simply follow a Twitter page @BurryTracker and @Burryarchive

Image Credit: CNBC.COM

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