Matic Price Prediction (2022-2025) Will Matic Price Hit $5 This Year?


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What is Polygon (Matic)?

Polygon (Matic), a blockchain network founded by three software engineers from India in 2017, uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and is designed to solve the problems with the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an add-on over the top of Ethereum using smart contracts. Instead of conducting transactions directly on the Ethereum network, Polygon itself processes them first, improving better changes in the network congestion, sacrificing security, and transaction fees.

Polygon has a native currency called Matic, which is among the world’s top 20 cryptocurrencies and listed on more than 90+ exchanges like Binance, Coinbase,, Gemini, and BitMart Upbit.

(Matic) Polygon Fundamentals Overview

Before jumping to the Polygon price prediction and analysis, you should take a look at the fundamentals.

Launch Date2017
Matic Price$0.9243
Market Cap$7,427,017,728.0
52 Week High-Low$2.9 – $0.3228
Coin Rank14
MechanismProof of Stake
Listed on90+ Exchanges
Max Transaction Capability65,000 Per Second
Average Transaction Cost$0.0005 to $0.2
Validator Nodes100+
Current Circulating Supply8.03B
Maximum Supply10B
Total Matic Stake2.4B
Contract Creators145K
Daily Gas Value Saved$140M
Delegators on PoS15600K
Web & Social, @Polygon, r/Polygon, telegram/Polygon, GitHub/Polygon Polygon All Community Channels

Matic Price Prediction For August 2022

Matic Aug Prediction

From January to June 2022, the crypto market started to fall, and Matic was not excluded. As you can see in the chart above, Matic experienced a Death Cross Over, lost more than 85% of its value, and touch the lowest price of 0.3160 In June.

But in the last 2 months (Matic) Polygon is up almost 200% from its lowest price of $0.31 and the relative strength indicator shows Matic outperforms Bitcoin in recent weeks.

Matic Day Chart View

  • Trend: Positive
  • Resistance: $0.95 to $1.00
  • Support $0.76 to $0.68
  • Next Target: $1.30
  • Relative Strength: 60
Matic Aug Support & Resistance Zone

At present, Polygon (Matic) is trying to cross the $1.00 mark and trading at important zones. The first is the resistance zone around $0.95 to $1.00 and the second is the support zone around $0.76 to $0.68 on the daily chart.

If the day’s high close is above $1.00 and sustains, we may see an upside increase to 30% around the $1.30 price level. However, if the market does not sustain above $0.95-$1.00 levels then we can expect a fall down to $0.76-$74 (Anchored VWAP Level) and might possibly touch $0.60 again.

Matic Price Levels For Aug

However, as we can see, the Matic strength has a higher probability of moving upward and crossing both the daily chart’s $1.00 price level and 200 Moving Average. Also in order to generate high accuracy in trade, we should know the No Trading Zone, which is $0.75 to $1.00 in my view.

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Matic Price Prediction For Long-term (2022 – 2025)

Matic Weekly Price Chart

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is close to 60, the price has taken support between $0.38 and $0.32, and it is currently trading near the $1.00 price with a 20-week moving average. According to the Polygon (Matic) weekly price chart, the $1.00 mark is important and it would decide where Matic can go.

But before taking any trade, you should consider several indicators such as moving averages, relative strength (not index), and the volume-weighted average price for better understanding.

Polygon (Matic) Historical Price Events

Matic Historical Price Event
DateMatic Price Event
Matic Current Price$0.9243
Jan 2022 to July 2022Enter In Bear Market and Lose 85% Value
July 2021 to Dec 2021Again Make a High of $2.87
May 2021 to July 2021 Lost Almost 70% value and traded at $0.69
Jan 2020 to Sep 2021Jump almost 85x (Make High $2.45)
May 2019 to Jan 2021Make Side Ways Moment
2017Matic Launch


Q What is the current price of Polygon Matic?

Right now the Matic Cryptocurrency trade at $0.9243

Q. Is Matic Matic a good cryptocurrency to Invest in?

Polygon Matic is a fast-growing ethereum-based network and is included in the world’s top 20 cryptocurrencies. This makes it an attractive trading platform for investors and traders, who are always interested in big momentum trades.

Q. Will Matic Price Hit $5 in 2022?

We know that the previous Matic all-time high price was $2.87, and there are many resistance zones in the upper levels. Therefore, it is unlikely that Polygon Matic will hit $5 this year. However, as crypto makes significant changes in the future, we believe that investors will be able to make more ROI from crypto.

Q. What will Polygon (Matic) be worth in the Long-term?

You should understand that we are not in the old days when the Crypto price rose to 100x in a few months. And talk about long-term price prediction – We don’t know where the Matic or any crypto is going. Remember it’s all forecast based on previous levels and some technical tools – No one knows the Future.

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Bottom Line

All of the forecasts and predictions in this post are based on previous levels and technical analysis models. They should not be considered investment advice. Before taking any investment or trading decision, you should thoroughly research a market and seek professional advice before starting trading and investment in crypto.

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