Apple PE Ratio – Historical Chart & Forward PE

Apple PE Ratio Today


The Apple P/E ratio is 27.01. The formula is the market value per share divided by the earnings per share. The PE ratio forms a vital part of any discounted cash flow analysis to find the present value of a company’s future expected earnings and returns. A high PE ratio generally indicates that investors expect higher earnings growth in the future and are willing to pay more for each dollar of earnings today.

Apple Lowest PE11.69
Apple Highest PE41.80
Apple Average PE22.77

Is Apple P/E Ratio Good For Buy?

According to the Simply Wall St, the technology sector has a PE ratio of 25.5x which is quite good when looking at it historically. More specifically, the Apple’s current PE ratio is slightly higher but still, it’s a good PE for such blue chip company when compared with other companies/sectors.

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