Tesla PE Ratio Today – Historical Chart & Forward Price Earning Ratio

Tesla PE Ratio Template

Tesla PE Ratio Today


According to data, TSLA has a higher PE ratio than any other electric car company. The current Tesla price-to-earnings ratio is 100.38. This number is significant because it gives a clear sense of investors’ value on the company and its prospects. To calculate the PE ratio, divide the tesla stock’s most recent closing price by its earnings per share (EPS) from its latest financial statement.

Tesla Lowest PE85.23
Tesla Highest PE1401.73
Tesla Average PE680.87

Why Tesla Stock PE Is Negative?

Tesla has a negative price-to-earnings ratio because it has reported significant losses in the last 10 years. The PE ratio, which divides a company’s market value by its projected earnings, is a crucial valuation measure that investors and analysts use to compare a stock price with its actual earnings.

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