Top 25 Largest Car Companies In The World (2022)

Quick Overview & Fundamentals of Automotive Industry Infographics
Overview of the Automobile Industry

Since the early 20 century, the automotive industry has been a staple of the American marketplace. Over the years, it has grown & evolved in our daily life and created more than $2.70 trillion in market valuation. And it’s a surprise to you, but almost 40% of automotive industry valuation comes to one company (Tesla). Yaa, that’s true.

Fact: Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world, according to the latest report of 2021 Toyota sold almost 10.5 million vehicles.

Largest Car Companies By Market Cap

Now is the time for investors to take advantage and look for new opportunities or companies that can compete with big auto mafias. Here is the list of the largest car companies in the world:

Last Updated – Aug 2022

CompanyMarket CapCountry
1. Tesla$908.43BUSA
2. Toyota$213.72 BJapan
3. BYD$123.73 BChina
4. Volkswagen$83.74 BGermany
5. Ford$60.62 BUSA
6. Mercedes-Benz$60.18 BGermany
7. General Motors$57.88 BUSA
8. BMW$48.58 BGermany
9. Honda$46.09 BJapan
10. Stellantis$42.94 BNetherlands
11. Ferrari$37.61 BItaly
12. Great Wall Motors$35.60 BChina
13. Maruti Suzuki India$33.04 BIndia
14. NIO$32.92 BChina
15. Li Auto$29.81 BChina
16. Rivian$29.20 BUSA
17. Hyundai$28.10 BS. Korea
18. Lucid Motors$28.01 BUSA
19. SAIC Motor$27.80 BChina
20. Kia$23.06 BS. Korea
21. Tata Motors$21.63 BIndia
22. Chongqing Changan$20.75 BChina
23. Geely$20.71 BChina
24. Mahindra & Mahindra$19.73 BIndia
25. Volvo Car$19.15 B Sweden
List of Top Car Companies By Market Cap

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Top Companies of Electric Cars ⚡

We know the electric car is the future, and if any company is not accepting that and not changing their operation according to that, believe me, they are in trouble. Because looking at the Tesla or Rivian, how they grow with the speed of light and smash the other automotive in valuation.

Tesla LogoTeslaElon Musk2003
Rivian LogoRivianRJ Scaringe2009
Lucid_Motors_LogoLucid MotorsPeter Rawlinson2007
NIO LogoNIOWilliam Li2014
Xpeng LogoXpengHe Xiaopeng2014
Uber LogoUberDara Khosrowshahi2009
Hyliion LogoHyliionThomas Healy2015
Waymo LogoWaymoTekedra Matakana2009


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