2019 – World’s Top 10 Internet Companies (by Market Capitalization )

Largest Internet Companies in The World

Here is the list of World’s biggest Internet Companies by Market Capitalization :

Company Business Stock Exchange Date of IPO Market Capital Revenue For 2017
1 Alphabet Inc. The internet Search company NASDAQ 19-Aug-04 $763.03billion $110.86billion
2 Amazon Online Shoping Company NASDAQ 15-May-97 $707.75billion $177.866billion
3 Tencent Holdings An Online Games, Apps, And Advertising Company HKSE 25-Jun-04 $535billion $21.9billion
4 Facebook Social Networking Company NASDAQ 18-May-12 $521.4billion $40.65billion
5 Alibaba Holding Group Online e-commerce company NYSC 18-Sep-14 $479.43billion $15.69billion
6 Netflix An Entertainment Company NASDAQ 23-May-02 $121.62billion $11.69billion
7 Priceline Online Traveling Company NASDAQ 09-Apr-99 $88.683billion $10.74billion
8 Baidu Online search And Software Company NASDAQ 05-Aug-05 $86.25billion $10.16billion
9 Salesforce Dot Com Enterprise Software And Cloud Computing Solutions Company NYSC 23-Jun-04 $81.76billion $8.39billion
10 JD Dot Com Chinese E-Commerce Company NASDAQ 23-May-14 $66.83billion $37.63billion


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