UK High Dividend Aristocrats Companies List 2023

UK Dividend Aristocrats index performance

UK Dividend Aristocrats or S&P Euro High Yield Dividend Aristocrats are the stocks that increase their dividend every year for at least 10 years. In this list, 35 stocks are eligible for UK high yield dividend aristocrats.

Selection Criteria – S&P EURO High Yield Dividend Aristocrats

  • Membership of S&P Europe Broad Market Index (BMI)
  • $5 Million average daily trading value should be needed.
  • The dividend must be increased for 10 consecutive years or more.
  • At least $1 Billion float market capitalization is necessary for those stocks.
  • The stock must also trade in the eurozone country (Euros).
  • Only 40 stocks can be included in the highest dividend list.

Difference Between UK & US Dividend Aristocrats

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  1. US Dividend Aristocrats
  2. US Dividend Kings
Dividend Increased For10 Years25 Years
MembershipS&P Europe BMIS&P 500 Companies
Market Capitalization$1 Billion$3 Billion
Average Daily Trading Value$5 Million$5 Million (First 3 Months)
Highest Dividend Yielding40Not a Factor
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UK Dividend Aristocrats List

Here is the list of all 35 companies which are included in the UK Dividend Aristocrats. You can easily check some of their important data, such as –

  • Name
  • Sector
  • Market Cap
  • Dividend Yield
  • The dividend (GBX)

✦ UK Dividend Aristocrats Sectors Details

UK Dividend Aristocrats Top Sectors

The highest UK Dividend Aristocrats comes from the Financial sector with 29.9% contribution, while the Materials sector is at the bottom with 2% of Index –

Sector Breakdown
Financials 29.9%
Consumer Staples21.1%
Real Estate12.3%
Health Care9.6%
Information Technology3.5%
Consumer Discretionary3.2%

✦ UK Dividend Aristocrats Top 10 Stocks

UK Dividend Aristocrats Top Companies

In the below list, you can check the top stocks (champions) in dividend aristocrats –

StockDividend Yield
Legal & General Group Plc9.9%
Jupiter Fund Management Plc8.4%
British American Tobacco p.l.c 7.7%
Phoenix Group Holdings plc7.0%
TP ICAP plc5.9%
GlaxoSmithKline plc5.1%
United Utilities Group PLC5.1%
Ashmore Group PLC4.8%
Tate & Lyle plc4.4%
Pennon Group Plc4.3%



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