48 Dividend Kings List with Highest Yield (2023)

Dividend Kings

Dividend Kings Stocks List (2023)

Stocks that pay a regular dividend income to their shareholders for 50 years or more are called Dividend Kings. These companies are well-established, have a good equity return, and long history of paying Dividends Yield. Some examples include 3M, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson.

Below you can download the complete list of dividend kings stocks with multiple metrics like Stock Price, Market Cap, Payout Ratio, Dividend Yield, Dividend Growth, Sector, and Price-to-Earnings Ratio.

StocksCurrent PriceDividend YieldDividend Years
American States Water Co.$93.01.70%68
Dover Corp.$139.31.40%67
Northwest Natural Holding Co$48.84.00%67
Emerson Electric Co.$87.42.40%66
Genuine Parts Co.$161.72.20%66
Procter & Gamble Co.$143.02.60%66
Parker-Hannifin Corp.$305.31.70%66
3M Co.$120.74.90%64
Cincinnati Financial Corp.$102.72.70%62
Colgate-Palmolive Co.$75.42.50%60
Johnson & Johnson$168.72.70%60
Coca-Cola Co$60.12.90%60
Lancaster Colony Corp.$192.61.80%60
Lowe`s Cos., Inc.$204.52.10%60
Nordson Corp.$233.81.10%59
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.$226.32.20%58
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp$1,011.81.60%57
Hormel Foods Corp.$44.62.50%57
ABM Industries Inc.$44.92.00%55
Federal Realty Investment Trust.$107.74.00%55
Stepan Co.$108.41.30%55
Stanley Black & Decker Inc$85.83.70%55
California Water Service Group$60.71.60%54
SJW Group$76.21.90%54
Target Corp$162.22.70%54
Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.$43.20.80%54
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.$65.61.60%53
H.B. Fuller Company$68.91.10%53
Altria Group Inc.$44.98.40%53
Black Hills Corporation$71.03.50%52
MSA Safety Inc$132.31.40%52
National Fuel Gas Co.$58.93.20%52
Sysco Corp.$77.82.50%52
Universal Corp.$54.45.80%52
Abbvie Inc$149.64.00%51
Abbott Laboratories$112.81.80%51
Becton, Dickinson, And Co.$253.81.40%51
W.W. Grainger Inc.$560.21.20%51
Leggett & Platt, Inc.$34.05.20%51
PPG Industries, Inc.$131.01.90%51
Tennant Co.$67.51.50%51
Canadian Utilities Ltd.$28.44.70%50
Gorman-Rupp Co.$27.22.60%50
Kimberly-Clark Corp.$135.13.40%50
Middlesex Water Co.$80.61.60%50
Nucor Corp.$153.51.30%50
PepsiCo Inc$169.92.70%50
VF Corp.$29.37.00%50

Dividend Kings vs Aristocrats?

People also ask Is Dividend Kings and Dividend Aristocrats are the same?

Well, they are similar but have one main difference: the length of time they have increased their dividends.

Dividend Aristocrats Vs Dividend Kings

To be considered a Dividend Aristocrat, a company must:

  • Increase its dividend for 25 consecutive years
  • Be a part of the S&P 500 Index
  • Have a minimum market value of $3 Billion.

To be a Dividend King, a company only needs to:

  • Increase its dividend for 50 consecutive years or more.

This means a Dividend Aristocrat stock can also be called a Dividend King, but not all Dividend kings are Dividend Aristocrat.

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Should You Invest?

Generally, these kinds of stocks are not fast-growing performers but they have one objective that provides dividends to their investors, some companies pay cash dividends every three months; others increase their dividend payments every year.

But as we know historical fundamentals are not a guarantee of future growth. That’s why Investors should understand the rule of diversity and make portfolios with a group of different stocks/ETFs instead of putting all their eggs in one basket.


How many Dividend Kings are there?

Dividend Kings list have almost 48 stock that consistently increased their dividends for at least 50 years.

What are the 3 highest dividend-paying stocks?

Altria Group Inc. (8.0%), VF Corp. (7.4%), and Universal Corp. (5.8%)

Can You make $100 from Dividend Investing?

If you have a portfolio worth between $12,000 and $15,000, you can earn a consistent 8% to 10% yield each year and receive around $100 per month in dividends.

What is the annual dividend income of Warren Buffett?

According to recent data, Warren Buffett’s portfolio is valued at nearly $300 billion and he received a dividend income of $2.8 billion in the year 2022.

Does Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix Pay Dividend?

No, they do not provide a single penny to their shareholders.

Can you pay the entire year’s expenses through dividend investing?

It’s possible to use dividend investing to cover some or all of your expenses, but it depends on the size of your portfolio, the dividend yield, and your expenses. As an example, if your monthly expenses are $7,000, you would need a portfolio of $1 million with an 8-10% annual yield to cover your all expenses for a year.


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