Top 30 Stocks in Dow Jones Index (2023)

Dow Jones 30

Dow 30 Stocks List (Live Data)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, (DJIA or Dow 30) is a stock market index, established in the late 19th century that tracks 30 major US companies. These 30 companies are leaders in sectors like technology, healthcare, and finance. This index is closely watched by investors and traders alike for insights into the overall health and direction of the US Economy.

CompanyPriceMarketcapChange %
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated$481.1442.8B1.67%
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)$457.4147.5B1.61%
Microsoft Corporation$446.33.3T0.45%
Home Depot, Inc. (The)$353.9350.9B1.25%
McDonald's Corporation$250.8180.7B1.07%
Amgen Inc.$306.0164.1B0.89%
Visa Inc.$273.6559.9B0.90%
Boeing Company (The)$175.0107.4B1.91%
Caterpillar, Inc.$325.1159.0B0.85%
Salesforce, Inc.$231.8224.6B0.58%
Honeywell International Inc.$212.9138.6B0.43%
The Travelers Companies, Inc.$208.547.7B0.18%
Chevron Corporation$153.3280.4B0.09%
Johnson & Johnson$145.7350.5B0.21%
Apple Inc.$214.33.3T1.10%
American Express Company$229.3164.9B0.46%
Procter & Gamble Company (The)$168.6397.8B0.63%
Walmart Inc.$67.6543.7B0.27%
International Business Machines$170.6156.7B0.62%
JP Morgan Chase & Co.$197.0565.7B1.04%
Nike, Inc.$94.8143.1B0.23%
Merck & Company, Inc.$128.0324.2B0.38%
3M Company$100.855.8B0.24%
Walt Disney Company (The)$101.5185.0B0.02%
Coca-Cola Company (The)$62.6269.8B0.02%
Dow Inc.$55.439.0B0.38%
Cisco Systems, Inc.$46.0185.2B0.61%
Verizon Communications Inc.$40.1168.7B1.57%
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.$16.113.9B6.34%
Intel Corporation$30.6130.4B1.13%

Dow Jones Constituents By Weight (2023)

The Dow Jones is a weighting methodology index based on the price of stocks adjusted by dividends and splits. In simple words, a stock with the highest price has a greater weight and influence on the entire index.

For example, UnitedHealth stock trading at $484.4 will have a higher weight in the index than Apple stock trading at $135.3, even if Apple has a higher market capitalization.

Here you can check out the Dow 30 Companies List by Weight

RankCompanySymbolWeight %
1UnitedHealth GroupUNH9.21
3Goldman SachsGS6.18
4Home DepotHD5.95
7Visa Inc.V4.55
10Boeing CompanyBA4.04
11Honeywell HON3.97
12Apple Inc.AAPL3.72
13American Express AXP3.34
15Johnson & JohnsonJNJ3.17
17Walmart Inc.WMT3.01
18Procter & GamblePG2.91
19JPMorgan ChaseJPM2.79
21Merck & Co.MRK2.21
22NIKE NKE2.11
233M CompanyMMM1.92
24Walt DisneyDIS1.71
26Dow Inc.DOW1.02
27Cisco SystemsCSCO0.99
28Verizon Comm.VZ0.71
29Intel Corp.INTC0.64
30Walgreens BootsWBA0.55

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Q. Why does the Dow Jones Index matter?

The Dow Jones index contains the top 30 influential and fundamentally strong companies from the variant sectors of the US economy. Which indicates the trend and health of the US Stock Market.

Q. Which sector and company have the highest weight in the Dow 30?

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is in the first position by weight, at 10.09%. Talking about the sector, Health Care & Information Technology have a higher rank with 21.1% weight each.

Q. How to add the Dow 30 List in TradingView?

First, download this Dow 30 stock symbol list, open the file, and copy all the symbols available in the last section (Light Pink), then go to Tradingview (add symbol option), select NYSE (Source), paste all symbols into that place, and Enter. That’s it now you can excess all US30 companies in a single list.

Q. Is Dow Jones a good investment?

The Dow 30 generated an 8.7% average return during the past 20 years, but when compared to other indices like the S&P 500 (9.51%) and the Nasdaq 100 (CAGR of 21.76% over the past 10 years), it looks to be underperforming. Check out Dow Jones Historical Performance.

Q. How to Invest in Dow Jones Index?

The best option to invest in Dow 30 stocks is using an exchange-traded fund (ETF). In this case, you may choose SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA), which has an expense ratio of 0.16% and allows hassle-free one-click investing.

Q. Who are the top 3 Dow Jones?

Top Dow Jones Companies Ranking by Market Cap as of August 1, 2023-
1. Apple
2. Microsoft
3. Visa


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