Complete List of Lithium Stock ASX By Market Cap (2022)

The lithium market has experienced a boom as demand for lithium-ion batteries has grown. Recent research from BloombergNEF forecasts that electric vehicle sales will hit 8.5 million (10% new car sales) by 2025. As the market reacted to the future, several ASX lithium stocks have been in a bull run and made a lot of money over the last two years.

That’s why many investors want to invest in the best Australian Lithium Mining Companies. But it is essential to understand how this industry works and the potential for the next decades before choosing a lithium stock wisely.

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Australian Lithium Stocks List (2022)

Note: This list is ranked by market capitalization, but you can shortlist lithium penny stocks by clicking on the Price column.

StockPriceChange %VolumeMarketcap

Best Lithium ETF For ASX

Over the past decade, lithium has been taken by storm. From electric vehicles to power-station production, every new invention seems to depend on this little white metal. The lithium industry is a growing opportunity for investors. If you want to invest in the lithium industry, you have two options: Purchase shares in a specific company or buy an exchange-traded fund that represents several companies in the industry. And the second option is much better than owning individual shares.

ETF : ACDC.AX Price: $0.0000
Fees: 0.69% Net Assets: $503.77 Million
Volume: 0 52 Week Range: $0.0000 – $0.0000

If you want to go with safe investment then the ACDC ETF (ACDC) is a good option, it has set an investment objective to track the Solactive Battery Value-Chain Index, which includes companies from across the value-chain of lithium-ion batteries/storage.

Renewable (Green) Energy Stocks

Top 20 ASX Companies List

How to Invest in ASX Lithium Stocks

  1. To invest money in an ASX listed company, you will firstly need to have an Australian stockbroker.
  2. Then open your trading account and research about the company or stock you want to invest in.
  3. Next, to open the deal ticket for your investment position. (search company by name or code)
  4. On the deal ticket page, enter the quantity of shares you wish to buy and then select ‘Buy’.
  5. Confirm your purchase via email, by SMS text message or both ways. Then it’s simply a case of choosing a price on which you would like to sell your shares at (in normal circumstances) track your portfolio.

Bottom Line

If you seek a low-risk investment with long-term potential, you might choose to invest in blue-chip stocks. To create a well-balanced portfolio, you need to consider various (diversified) investment options.

Disclaimer – All the information is given only for education purposes, it should not be treated as investment advice.



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