ASX Top 20 Companies List, Stock List, Charts & Annual Performance

The ASX 20 is an index of the top 20 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This index contains all companies with a primary listing on the exchange and accounts for ~ 43% (Jan 2022) of Australia’s share market capitalization. The list is maintained by the S&P Dow Jones Indices and is reviewed every quarter.

Quick FactUpdated: March 2022
NameS&P/ASX 20
Founded03 April 2000
Total Stocks20
Top Sector Financials, Materials and Health Care
Trailing PE Ratio14.62
Indicated Dividend Yield5.43%
Currency AUD
Regulatory AuthorityEuropean Union
Weighting MethodFloat Adjusted Weighted
ASX Trading Hours10 AM - 4 PM (Sydney time)

ASX 20 Price Chart

S&P/ASX 20 [XTL]

OpenHighLowClose52 Week Range

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Q1. What is the ASX 20 Index?

The ASX 20 is a float-adjusted market-cap-weighted index consisting of approximately 20 large blue-chip companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Q2. How to invest in AXS 20 Index?

You can go through the iShares S&P/ASX 20 ETF (ILC) to invest in AXS20.

Q4. What is the difference between AXS200, AXS 20, and All Ords?

The ASX 20 Index = 20 Top Stocks | Rebalanced Quarterly | Only Australian Stocks
The ASX 200 Index = 200 Top Stocks | Rebalanced Quarterly | Other Countries Stocks Included
The All Ordinaries index = 500 Top Stocks | Rebalanced Annually | Other Countries Stocks Included


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