List of All SPACs In 2023 (Blank Check Companies Details)

You can find the complete list of (SPACs) special purpose acquisition companies below. The SPACs are also called shell companies which have no business or assets but are designed to utilize an initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital and then later use that money to merge or acquire a private company.

SPAC List of 2023

DSAQDirect Selling Acquisition Corp.11/15/N
LOCCLive Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp.11/15/N
AACIArmada Acquisition Corp. I11/10/N
GIACGesher I Acquisition Corp. Class A11/09/N
HTAQHunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I11/09/N
SANBSanaby Health Acquisition Corp. I / Class A11/09/N
FLYASOAR Technology Acquisition Corp. Class A11/08/N
SIERSierra Lake Acquisition Corp. Class A11/05/N
EDNCEndurance Acquisition Corp. Class A11/05/N
AEHAAesther Healthcare Acquisition Corp Class A11/05/N
BMAQBlockchain Moon Acquisition Corp.11/04/N
GIAGigCapital 5, Inc.11/04/N
FLAGFirst Light Acquisition Group, Inc. Class A11/01/N
SLVRSilverSPAC Inc. Class A10/31/N
BNNRBanner Acquisition Corp. Class A10/29/N
BNIXBannix Acquisition Corp.10/27/N
PRBMParabellum Acquisition Corp. Class A10/26/N
INAQInsight Acquisition Corp. Class A10/25/Y
DTRTDTRT Health Acquisition Corp. Class A10/25/N
CNDAConcord Acquisition Corp II Class A10/22/N
REVEAlpine Acquisition Corporation10/21/N
CCAICascadia Acquisition Corp. Class A10/18/N
MEOAMinority Equality Opportunities Acquisition Inc. Class A10/17/N
WAVCWaverley Capital Acquisition Corp. 1 Class A10/11/N
PONOPono Capital Corp Class A10/08/N
OXUSOxus Acquisition Corp. Class A10/06/N
KCGIKensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V Class A10/04/N
AFTRAfterNext HealthTech Acquisition Corp. Class A10/04/N
CENQCENAQ Energy Corp. Class A10/04/N
APMIAxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation Class A10/04/N
WINVWinVest Acquisition Corp.10/04/N
DCRDDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation IV Class A10/01/N
TPBATPB Acquisition Corporation I Class A10/01/N
JAQCJupiter Acquisition Corporation10/01/N
WQGAWorld Quantum Growth Acquisition Corp. Class A10/01/N
DWACDigital World Acquisition Corp. Class A09/30/Y
AHPAAvista Public Acquisition Corp. II Class A09/30/N
OXACOxbridge Acquisition Corp. Class A09/30/N
NOVVNova Vision Acquisition Corp.09/30/N
MEKAMELI Kaszek Pioneer Corp09/29/N
RVACRiverview Acquisition Corp. Class A09/28/N
GLEEGladstone Acquisition Corp. Class A09/27/N
PAFOPacifico Acquisition Corp.09/27/N
BWCBlue Whale Acquisition Corp I Class A09/24/N
AMCIAMCI Acquisition Corp. II Class A09/24/N
CHWACHW Acquisition Corporation09/24/N
HWELHealthwell Acquisition Corp. I Class A09/23/N
SWSSSpringwater Special Situations Corp.09/23/N
SWAGSoftware Acquisition Group Inc. III Class A09/20/N
XPAXXPAC Acquisition Corp. Class A09/20/N
MTALMetals Acquisition Corp Class A09/19/N
APTMAlpha Partners Technology Merger Corp. Class A09/17/N
WRACWilliams Rowland Acquisition Corp.09/16/N
MEACMercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp Class A09/16/N
BLNGBelong Acquisition Corp. Class A09/13/N
CLOEClover Leaf Capital Corp. / Class A09/09/N
TRTLTortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III Class A09/09/N
TWCBBilander Acquisition Corp. / Class A09/08/N
BSAQBlack Spade Acquisition Co Class A09/07/N
APACStoneBridge Acquisition Corporation Class A09/07/N
UPTDTradeUP Acquisition Corp.09/07/N
JATTJATT Acquisition Corp Class A09/02/N
ASPAAbri SPAC I, Inc.09/02/N
ROCGRoth CH Acquisition IV Co.08/31/N
ACROAcropolis Infrastructure Acquisition Corp. Class A08/30/N
CNTQChardan NexTech Acquisition 2 Corp. Class A08/24/N
GWIIGood Works II Acquisition Corp.08/23/N
CORSCorsair Partnering Corporation Class A08/23/N
FICVFrontier Investment Corp Class A08/23/N
THCPThunder Bridge Capital Partners IV, Inc. Class A08/20/N
SHQAShelter Acquisition Corporation I / Class A08/20/N
EOCWElliott Opportunity II Corp. Class A08/19/N
DRAYMacondray Capital Acquisition Corp. I Class A08/19/N
NLITNorthern Lights Acquisition Corp. / Class A08/18/N
FTVIFinTech Acquisition Corp. VI Class A08/16/N
IMAQInternational Media Acquisition Corp. Class A08/16/N
GGGVG3 VRM Acquisition Corp. Class A08/16/N
CLAYChavant Capital Acquisition Corp.08/13/N
GLTAGalata Acquisition Corp. Class A08/11/N
JUGGJaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corporation Class A Ordinary Share08/09/N
RONIRice Acquisition Corp. II Class A08/06/N
GSQBG Squared Ascend II Inc. Class A08/05/N
LITTLogistics Innovation Technologies Corp. / Class A08/04/N
DILADILA Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A08/04/N
CLAQCleanTech Acquisition Corp.08/03/N
HCNEJaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp. Class A08/02/N
GACQGlobal Consumer Acquisition Corp.07/30/N
SMIHSummit Healthcare Acquisition Corp. Class A07/30/N
GPCOGolden Path Acquisition Corporation07/30/Y
DALSDA32 Life Science Tech Acquisition Corp.07/28/N
MCAFMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. IV07/28/N
BSGABlue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share07/27/N
LAAALakeshore Acquisition I Corp.07/23/N
SPKSPK Acquisition Corp07/23/N
OTECOceanTech Acquisitions I Corp. Class A07/19/N
PSPCPost Holdings Partnering Corporation Series A07/16/N
EGGFEG Acquisition Corp. Class A07/16/N
CPARCatalyst Partners Acquisition Corp. / Class A07/14/N
ARYEARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp V / Class A07/13/N
GFORGraf Acquisition Corp. IV07/12/N
GIWGigInternational1, Inc.07/09/N
PONDAngel Pond Holdings Corporation Class A07/09/N
SKYASkydeck Acquisition Corp. Class A07/09/N
ALCCAltC Acquisition Corp. Class A07/08/N
CLBRColombier Acquisition Corp. Class A07/07/N
OSIOsiris Acquisition Corp. Class A07/06/N
ORIAOrion Biotech Opportunities Corp. / Class A07/02/N
DNAASocial Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp. I / Class A06/30/N
DNACSocial Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp. III / Class A06/30/N
GOBIGobi Acquisition Corp. / Class A06/29/N
BRIVB. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp. Class A06/28/N
DNABSocial Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp. II Class A06/24/N
VLATValor Latitude Acquisition Corp. Class A06/23/N
DKDCAData Knights Acquisition Corp. / Class A06/23/N
TUGCTradeUP Global Corporation / Class A06/21/N
BSKYBig Sky Growth Partners, Inc. Class A06/18/N
MCAEMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. III06/17/N
MCAERMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. III Right06/17/N
ISAAIron Spark I Inc.06/09/N
MAQCMaquia Capital Acquisition Corporation / Class A06/07/N
MPACModel Performance Acquisition Corp. Class A06/07/Y
TIOATio Tech A Class A06/01/N
ADFAldel Financial Inc. Class A06/01/N
DYNSDynamics Special Purpose Corp. / Class A05/26/N
ACBAAce Global Business Acquisition Limited05/21/N
ACTDArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II / Class A05/19/N
FWACFifth Wall Acquisition Corp. III Class A05/19/N
ATVCTribe Capital Growth Corp I / Class A05/18/N
MSDAMSD Acquisition Corp. Class A05/17/N
DCRCDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III / Class A05/14/Y
NGCNorthern Genesis Acquisition Corp. III05/14/N
OPAMagnum Opus Acquisition Limited Class A05/14/N
CRZNCorazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp Class A05/14/N
GGPIGores Guggenheim, Inc. Class A05/13/Y
VGIIVirgin Group Acquisition Corp. II Class A05/13/N
NGCANextGen Acquisition Corp. II Class A05/13/Y
FMIVForum Merger IV Corporation Class A05/13/N
STRESupernova Partners Acquisition Company III, Ltd. Class A05/13/N
RKTARocket Internet Growth Opportunities Corp. Class A05/13/N
GLHAGlass Houses Acquisition Corp. / Class A05/13/N
LEGALead Edge Growth Opportunities, Ltd Class A05/13/N
TBSATB SA Acquisition Corp Class A Ordinary Share05/13/N
EBACEuropean Biotech Acquisition Corp. / Class A05/11/N
LGVLongview Acquisition Corp. II Class A05/10/N
REVHRevolution Healthcare Acquisition Corp. SAIL Class A05/10/N
AAQCAccelerate Acquisition Corp. Class A05/10/N
WALDWaldencast Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share05/10/N
LVRALevere Holdings Corp. Class A05/10/N
LDHALDH Growth Corp I / Class A05/10/N
GLSPTGlobal SPAC Partners Co. Subunit05/10/N
BYTSBYTE Acquisition Corp. Class A05/09/N
GXIIGX Acquisition Corp. II Class A05/09/N
TETCTech and Energy Transition Corporation Class A05/07/N
ATHNAthena Technology Acquisition Corp. Class A05/07/Y
KAHCKKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp. Class A05/07/N
RTPYReinvent Technology Partners Y Class A05/06/Y
FVIVFortress Value Acquisition Corp. IV Class A05/06/N
GAMCGolden Arrow Merger Corp. Class A05/06/N
FZTFAST Acquisition Corp. II Class A05/06/N
BGSXBuild Acquisition Corp. Class A05/06/N
PLMIPlum Acquisition Corp. I Class A Ordinary Share05/05/N
GTPBGores Technology Partners II, Inc. Class A05/03/N
PTOCPine Technology Acquisition Corp. Class A05/03/N
SPKBSilver Spike Acquisition Corp II / Class A05/03/N
LCAAL Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp Class A05/03/N
GTPAGores Technology Partners, Inc. Class A05/03/N
CFFECF Acquisition Corp. VIII Class A05/03/N
FTPAFTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp. Class A05/03/N
SCAQStratim Cloud Acquisition Corp. Class A05/03/N
GAPAG&P Acquisition Corp. Class A05/03/N
MBTCNocturne Acquisition Corporation05/03/N
FRONFrontier Acquisition Corp. Class A05/02/N
FRXBForest Road Acquisition Corp. II Class A04/30/N
DTOCDigital Transformation Opportunities Corp. Class A04/30/N
CLAAColonnade Acquisition Corp. II Class A04/30/N
AGGRAgile Growth Corp. Class A04/30/N
ESMESM Acquisition Corporation Class A04/30/N
IACCION Acquisition Corp 3 Ltd. Class A04/30/N
SBIISandbridge X2 Corp. Class A04/30/N
FRWPWP Forward Acquisition Corp. I Class A04/30/N
PDOTPeridot Acquisition Corp. II Class A04/29/N
ACQRIndependence Holdings Corp. Class A Ordinary Share04/29/N
AMAOAmerican Acquisition Opportunity Inc. Class A04/29/N
HERAFTAC Hera Acquisition Corp. Class A04/26/N
MBACM3/Brigade Acquisition II Corp. Class A04/26/N
DMYQdMY Technology Group, Inc. IV Class A04/26/Y
RXRARXR Acquisition Corp. Class A04/26/N
ACAHAtlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp. / Class A04/26/N
IPVIInterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Inc. Class A04/26/N
AURCAurora Acquisition Corp. Class A04/26/Y
VPCCVPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III, Inc. Class A04/26/Y
VPCBVPC Impact Acquisition Holdings II / Class A ordinary shre04/26/N
FRSGFirst Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp. / Class A04/26/Y
TRCATwin Ridge Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A04/26/N
ATAQAltimar Acquisition Corp. III Class A04/26/N
WPCBWarburg Pincus Capital Corporation IB Class A04/25/N
WPCAWarburg Pincus Capital Corporation IA Class A04/25/N
IPVFInterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc. Class A04/25/N
IPVAInterPrivate II Acquisition Corp. Class A04/25/N
MACCMission Advancement Corp. Class A04/23/N
TWNTTailwind Two Acquisition Corp. Class A04/23/Y
ANZUAnzu Special Acquisition Corp I Class A04/22/N
OHPAOrion Acquisition Corp. Class A04/22/N
NSTDNorthern Star Investment Corp. IV Class A04/22/N
SNIISupernova Partners Acquisition Company II, Ltd. Class A04/22/Y
NDACNightDragon Acquisition Corp. Class A04/22/N
DHCADHC Acquisition Corp. Class A ordinary share04/22/N
AMPIAdvanced Merger Partners, Inc. Class A04/22/N
DHBCDHB Capital Corp. Class A04/22/N
ARRWArrowroot Acquisition Corp. Class A04/22/N
ISOSIsos Acquisition Corporation Class A04/22/Y
LOKMLive Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp. Class A04/22/N
TSPQTCW Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. Class A04/21/N
FTEVFinTech Evolution Acquisition Group Class A04/21/N
ASZAusterlitz Acquisition Corporation II Class A04/19/N
AUSAusterlitz Acquisition Corporation I Class A04/19/Y
FSNBFusion Acquisition Corp. II Class A04/19/N
SBEASilverBox Engaged Merger Corp I Class A04/19/Y
GIIXGores Holdings VIII, Inc. Class A04/19/N
FACTFreedom Acquisition I Corp. Class A04/19/N
MACQMCAP Acquisition Corporation Class A04/19/Y
EJFAEJF Acquisition Corp. Class A ordinary share04/19/N
HUGSUSHG Acquisition Corp. Class A04/19/N
FLMEFlame Acquisition Corp. Class A04/19/N
LIIILeo Holdings III Corp. Class A04/19/Y
IBERIbere Pharmaceuticals Class A04/19/N
WARRWarrior Technologies Acquisition Company Class A04/19/N
HIIIHudson Executive Investment Corp. III Class A04/16/N
COLIColicity Inc. Class A04/16/N
FTAAFTAC Athena Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share04/16/Y
NBSTNewbury Street Acquisition Corporation04/16/N
GBRGGoldenbridge Acquisition Limited04/16/N
SLAMSlam Corp. / Class A04/15/N
ANACArctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp. Class A04/15/N
VELOVelocity Acquisition Corp. / Class A04/15/Y
GSEVGores Holdings VII, Inc. Class A04/14/N
YTPGTPG Pace Beneficial II Corp. Class A04/14/N
ATSPTArchimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co. / Subunit04/14/N
VENAVenus Acquisition Corporation04/13/N
SPGSSimon Property Group Acquisition Holdings, Inc. Class A04/12/N
FSRXFinServ Acquisition Corp. II Class A04/12/N
CFVICF Acquisition Corp. VI Class A04/12/N
FACAFigure Acquisition Corp. I Class A04/12/N
KIIIKismet Acquisition Three Corp. Class A04/12/N
NVSANew Vista Acquisition Corp Class A04/12/N
ASPCAlpha Capital Acquisition Company / One Class A04/12/N
KAIIKismet Acquisition Two Corp. Class A04/12/N
PMGMPriveterra Acquisition Corp. / Class A04/11/N
TWNITailwind International Acquisition Corp. Class A04/09/N
PFDRPathfinder Acquisition Corporation Class A04/09/Y
TPGSTPG Pace Solutions Corp. Class A04/09/Y
PSAGProperty Solutions Acquisition Corporation II Class A04/09/N
TCVATCV Acquisition Corp. Class A04/07/N
MACAMoringa Acquisition Corp Class A04/06/N
CVIIChurchill Capital Corp VII Class A04/05/N
APGBApollo Strategic Growth Capital II Class A04/05/N
LGACLazard Growth Acquisition Corp. I04/05/N
CCVIChurchill Capital Corp VI Class A04/05/N
XPDIPower & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp. Class A04/05/Y
FOREForesight Acquisition Corp. Class A04/05/N
SLACSocial Leverage Acquisition Corp I Class A04/05/N
SCLEBroadscale Acquisition Corp. Class A04/05/N
SCOBScION Tech Growth II Class A04/05/N
BITEBite Acquisition Corp.04/05/N
BOASBOA Acquisition Corp. Class A04/05/N
TCACTuatara Capital Acquisition Corporation Class A04/05/N
MSACMedicus Sciences Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share04/05/N
TSIBTishman Speyer Innovation Corp. II Class A04/04/N
IACBION Acquisition Corp 2 Ltd. Class A04/04/N
PICCPivotal Investment Corporation III Class A04/01/N
EVOJEvo Acquisition Corp. Class A04/01/N
COVACOVA Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/30/N
CPTKCrown PropTech Acquisitions Class A03/30/N
TWOAtwo Class A03/30/N
CPUHCompute Health Acquisition Corp. Class A03/29/N
RMGCRMG Acquisition Corp. III Class A03/29/N
TBCPThunder Bridge Capital Partners III Inc. Class A03/29/N
DCRNDecarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation II Class A03/29/N
JOFFJOFF Fintech Acquisition Corp. Class A03/29/N
HHLAHH&L Acquisition Co. Class A03/29/N
ATMRAltimar Acquisition Corp. II Class A03/29/Y
ACIIAtlas Crest Investment Corp. II Class A03/29/N
SDACSustainable Development Acquisition I Corp. Class A03/29/N
NXUNovus Capital Corporation II Class A03/29/N
ISLEIsleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corporation03/29/N
JWSMJaws Mustang Acquisition Corp. Class A03/26/N
PRPCCC Neuberger Principal Holdings III Class A03/26/N
KRNLKernel Group Holdings, Inc. / Class A03/26/N
TMACThe Music Acquisition Corporation Class A03/26/N
GHACGaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/26/N
GSQDG Squared Ascend I Inc. Class A03/26/Y
AGACAfrican Gold Acquisition Corporation Class A03/25/N
PUCKGoal Acquisitions Corp.03/25/N
MDHMDH Acquisition Corp. Class A03/25/N
NRACNoble Rock Acquisition Corporation / Class A03/25/N
KVSCKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co. III Class A03/24/N
KVSBKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II Class A03/24/Y
ADRAAdara Acquisition Corp. Class A03/24/N
MITMason Industrial Technology, Inc. Class A03/22/N
TLGATLG Acquisition One Corp. Class A03/22/N
BLUABlueRiver Acquisition Corp. Class A03/22/N
CLRMClarim Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/22/N
GCACGrowth Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A03/22/N
ZWRKZ/Work Acquisition Corp. Class A03/22/N
EQHAEQ Health Acquisition Corp. Class A03/22/N
ROCRRoth CH Acquisition III Co.03/22/N
CSTAConstellation Acquisition Corp I Class A03/19/N
FSSIFortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp. Class A03/19/N
ITHXITHAX Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/19/N
CLIMClimate Real Impact Solutions II Acquisition Corporation Class A03/19/N
DHHCDiamondHead Holdings Corp. Class A03/18/N
DNZD and Z Media Acquisition Corp. Class A03/18/N
BIOTBiotech Acquisition Company / Class A03/18/N
HCIIHudson Executive Investment Corp. II Class A03/18/N
RACBResearch Alliance Corp. II / Class A03/18/N
LMAOLMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc. / Class A03/18/N
DGNUDragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. III03/17/N
LMACALiberty Media Acquisition Corporation Series A03/15/N
GMIIGores Metropoulos II, Inc. / Class A03/15/Y
PVPrimavera Capital Acquisition Corporation Class A03/15/N
NAACNorth Atlantic Acquisition Corporation Class A Ordinary Share03/15/N
JCICJack Creek Investment Corp. Class A03/15/N
OEPWOne Equity Partners Open Water I Corp. Class A03/15/N
VOSOVirtuoso Acquisition Corp. Class A03/15/N
SHACSCP & CO Healthcare Acquisition Company Class A03/15/N
PGRWProgress Acquisition Corp. Class A03/15/N
MCADMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. II03/15/Y
GMBTQueens Gambit Growth Capital Class A Ordinary Share03/14/Y
ASAXAstrea Acquisition Corp. Class A03/14/Y
TZPSTZP Strategies Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/12/N
MONMonument Circle Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/12/N
OSTROyster Enterprises Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/12/N
IGNYIgnyte Acquisition Corp.03/12/N
VAQCVector Acquisition Corporation II / Class A03/10/N
QFTAQuantum FinTech Acquisition Corporation03/10/N
SVFBSVF Investment Corp. 2 / Class A03/09/N
EUSGEuropean Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/09/N
HCICHennessy Capital Investment Corp. V / Class A03/08/Y
SLCRSilver Crest Acquisition Corporation / Class A03/08/N
ADER26 Capital Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/08/Y
AEACAuthentic Equity Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/08/N
GNACGroup Nine Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/08/N
CLASClass Acceleration Corp. Class A03/08/N
ENVIEnvironmental Impact Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/08/N
OCAXOCA Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/08/N
PNTMPontem Corporation Class A03/05/N
FINMMarlin Technology Corporation / Class A03/05/N
NGABNorthern Genesis Acquisition Corp. II03/05/Y
FCAXFortress Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A03/05/N
ENFA890 5th Avenue Partners, Inc. / Class A03/05/Y
HLAHHamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I, Inc. / Class A03/05/N
LHAALerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/05/N
DLCADeep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/05/N
KVSAKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co. / Class A03/04/Y
VTIQVectoIQ Acquisition Corp. II / Class A03/03/N
ADEXAdit EdTech Acquisition Corp.03/03/N
VCKAVickers Vantage Corp. I03/03/N
LJAQLightJump Acquisition Corporation03/02/N
EPHYEpiphany Technology Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/N
PACXPioneer Merger Corp. / Class A03/01/Y
LHCLeo Holdings Corp. II Class A03/01/N
PRSRProspector Capital Corp. Class A03/01/N
KLAQKL Acquisition Corp Class A03/01/N
TMKRTastemaker Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/N
EPWREmpowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp. Class A03/01/N
EACEdify Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/N
IVANIvanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/Y
SWBKSwitchback II Corporation Class A03/01/Y
GSAQGlobal Synergy Acquisition Corp.03/01/N
PAQCProvident Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/N
BLTSBright Lights Acquisition Corp. Class A03/01/N
INKAKludeIn I Acquisition Corp. / Class A03/01/N
PPGHPoema Global Holdings Corp.02/26/Y
KAIRKairos Acquisition Corp. / Class A02/26/N
AKICSports Ventures Acquisition Corp. / Class A02/26/N
ARYDARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp IV / Class A02/26/Y
FVTFortress Value Acquisition Corp. III Class A02/25/N
FOXWFoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp. / Class A02/25/N
COOLCorner Growth Acquisition Corp. / Class A02/19/N
DUNEDune Acquisition Corporation / Class A02/19/Y
FSIIFS Development Corp. II / Class A02/17/N
ABGIABG Acquisition Corp. I / Class A02/17/N
KWACKingswood Acquisition Corp. Class A02/17/N
CFIVCF Acquisition Corp. IV Class A02/16/N
VII7GC & Co. Holdings Inc. / Class A02/12/N
EDTXEdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp. II / Class A02/12/N
NSTBNorthern Star Investment Corp. II Class A02/11/Y
SVOKSeven Oaks Acquisition Corp. / Class A02/10/N
TVACThayer Ventures Acquisition Corporation Class A02/09/N
GFXGolden Falcon Acquisition Corp. Class A02/08/N
IIIIINSU Acquisition Corp. III Class A02/08/N
MTACMedTech Acquisition Corporation Class A02/08/Y
FLACFrazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corporation Class A02/08/N
CCVChurchill Capital Corp V Class A02/05/N
VTAQVentoux CCM Acquisition Corp.02/05/N
GLAQGlobis Acquisition Corp.02/05/N
KINZKINS Technology Group Inc. / Class A02/04/N
VHAQViveon Health Acquisition Corp.02/04/N
SNRHSenior Connect Acquisition Corp. I Class A02/01/N
CTAQCarney Technology Acquisition Corp. II Class A02/01/N
CBAHCBRE Acquisition Holdings, Inc. Class A02/01/Y
MOTVMotive Capital Corp Class A02/01/N
PCPCPeriphas Capital Partnering Corporation Class A02/01/N
ALTUAltitude Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/29/N
NOACNatural Order Acquisition Corp.01/29/N
DWINDelwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp. Class A01/29/N
CNDConcord Acquisition Corp. Class A01/28/Y
HMCOHumanCo Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/28/N
ATAAmericas Technology Acquisition Corp.01/28/N
BENEBenessere Capital Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/28/N
SVFASVF Investment Corp. / Class A01/27/N
HCAQHealthCor Catalio Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/27/N
BTNBBridgetown 2 Holdings Limited Class A01/26/Y
FTCVFinTech Acquisition Corp. V Class A01/25/Y
HTPAHighland Transcend Partners I Corp. Class A01/25/N
PTICPropTech Investment Corporation II Class A01/25/N
TACATrepont Acquisition Corp I Class A01/22/N
CASCascade Acquisition Corp. Class A01/15/N
HAACHealth Assurance Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/14/N
TINVTiga Acquisition Corp. Class A01/14/N
OCAOmnichannel Acquisition Corp. Class A01/12/Y
IIACInvestindustrial Acquisition Corp. Class A01/11/Y
ARBGAequi Acquisition Corp.01/11/N
PHICPopulation Health Investment Co., Inc. / Class A01/08/N
AGCBAltimeter Growth Corp. 2 Class A01/07/N
ZNTEZanite Acquisition Corp. / Class A01/07/N
PIPPPine Island Acquisition Corp. Class A01/07/N
LNFAL&F Acquisition Corp. Class A01/07/N
OMEGOmega Alpha SPAC / Class A01/07/N
HCARHealthcare Services Acquisition Corporation / Class A01/05/N

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BWACBetter World Acquisition Corp.12/28/2020N
EUCREucrates Biomedical Acquisition Corp.12/28/2020N
BREZBreeze Holdings Acquisition Corp.12/23/2020N
CONXCONX Corp. - Class A12/21/2020N
BOACBluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp. Class A12/18/2020N
TEKKTekkorp Digital Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/18/2020N
BHSEBull Horn Holdings Corp.12/17/2020N
LUXALux Health Tech Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/16/2020N
TMPMTurmeric Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/16/2020N
LFTRLefteris Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/15/2020N
OTRAOTR Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/15/2020N
HIGAH.I.G. Acquisition Corp. Class A12-11-2020N
XPOADPCM Capital, Inc. Class A12-11-2020N
SRSASarissa Capital Acquisition Corp. - Class A12-11-2020N
MOTNMotion Acquisition Corp. - Class A12-11-2020Y
HZONHorizon Acquisition Corporation II Class A12-10-2020N
ADOCEdoc Acquisition Corp. - Class A12-10-2020N
SVSpring Valley Acquisition Corp. - Class A12-08-2020Y
YSACYellowstone Acquisition Company - Class A12-08-2020N
BTWNBridgetown Holdings Limited - Class A12-07-2020N
AGCAltimeter Growth Corp. - Class A12-01-2020Y
IPOFSocial Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. VI Class A11/30/2020N
IPODSocial Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. IV Class A11/30/2020N
DSACDuddell Street Acquisition Corp. - Class A11/30/2020N
FMACFirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp. Class A11/27/2020Y
TPGYTPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp. Class A11/27/2020Y
MACUMallard Acquisition Corp.11/27/2020N
APSGApollo Strategic Growth Capital Class A11/23/2020N
AVANAvanti Acquisition Corp. Class A11/23/2020N
SEAHSports Entertainment Acquisition Corp. Class A11/23/2020Y
IMPXAEA-Bridges Impact Corp. Class A11/23/2020N
IGACIG Acquisition Corp. - Class A11/23/2020N
VYGGVy Global Growth Class A11/20/2020N
RCHGRecharge Acquisition Corp. - Class A11/20/2020N
DBDRRoman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp. - Class A11/19/2020N
JYACJiya Acquisition Corp. - Class A11/19/2020N
DGNSDragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. II - Class A11/16/2020Y
PAICPetra Acquisition, Inc.11/16/2020N
PMVCPMV Consumer Acquisition Corp. Class A11-12-2020N
NMMCNorth Mountain Merger Corp. - Class A11-10-2020N
OACBOaktree Acquisition Corp. II Class A11-09-2020N
ENPCExecutive Network Partnering Corporation Class A11-06-2020N
EQDEquity Distribution Acquisition Corp. Class A11-06-2020N
LEAPRibbit LEAP, Ltd. Class A11-02-2020N
BSNBroadstone Acquisition Corp. Class A11-02-2020N
PIAIPrime Impact Acquisition I Class A11-02-2020N
TMTSSpartacus Acquisition Corporation - Class A11-02-2020Y
CRHCCohn Robbins Holdings Corp. Class A10/30/2020N
TWNDTailwind Acquisition Corp. Class A10/23/2020Y
BLSABCLS Acquisition Corp. - Class A10/22/2020N
HLXAHelix Acquisition Corp. - Class A10/20/2020N
ASAQAtlantic Avenue Acquisition Corp. Class A10/15/2020N
FVAM5:01 Acquisition Corp. - Class A10/14/2020N
LCAPLionheart Acquisition Corp. II - Class A10/13/2020Y
FSTFAST Acquisition Corp. Class A10-12-2020Y
BTAQBurgundy Technology Acquisition Corporation - Class A10-08-2020N
RBACRedBall Acquisition Corp. Class A10-05-2020Y
GOACGO Acquisition Corp. Class A09/25/2020N
YACYucaipa Acquisition Corporation Class A09/24/2020N
PRPBCC Neuberger Principal Holdings II Class A09/21/2020N
ETACE.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp. - Class A09/18/2020N
ACEVACE Convergence Acquisition Corp. - Class A09/17/2020Y
ERESEast Resources Acquisition Company - Class A09/14/2020N
PSTHPershing Square Tontine Holdings, Ltd. Class A09-11-2020N
FPACFar Peak Acquisition Corporation Class A09-08-2020Y
HPXHPX Corp. Class A09-08-2020N
GRCYGreencity Acquisition Corporation08/28/2020N
CPSRCapstar Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. Class A08/24/2020N
PANAPanacea Acquisition Corp. II Class A08/24/2020N
VMACVistas Media Acquisition Company Inc. - Class A08/21/2020Y
TREBTrebia Acquisition Corp. Class A08-07-2020N
MLACMalacca Straits Acquisition Company Limited - Class A08-06-2020Y
HSAQHealth Sciences Acquisitions Corporation 208-04-2020N
BRLIBrilliant Acquisition Corporation07/22/2020N
DFPHDFP Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. - Class A05-01-2020N
ZGYHYunhong International - Class A04-03-2020Y
CCACCITIC Capital Acquisition Corp. Class A04-02-2020Y
ESSCEast Stone Acquisition Corporation03/17/2020Y
SCVXSCVX Corp. Class A03/16/2020Y
CHPMCHP Merger Corp. - Class A01-10-2020N
DDMXDD3 Acquisition Corp. II - Class A12/24/2019Y
MCMJMerida Merger Corp. I12-12-2019Y
GIGGigCapital4, Inc.11/25/2019N
AACAres Acquisition Corporation Class A10/25/2019N
CPAAConyers Park III Acquisition Corp. Class A09-09-2019Y
THCATuscan Holdings Corp. II07/30/2019N
AGBAAGBA Acquisition Limited07/15/2019N
LCALandcadia Holdings IV, Inc. Class A06-06-2019Y
POWPowered Brands - Class A05/24/2019N
RCLFRosecliff Acquisition Corp I - Class A05-07-2019N
BRPMB. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. Class A04/25/2019Y
TWLVTwelve Seas Investment Company II Class A04-12-2019N
ALACAlberton Acquisition Corporation11/21/2018Y
SPAQSpartan Acquisition Corp. III Class A10-02-2018Y
SPAQSpartan Acquisition Corp. III Class A10-02-2018Y
TDACTrident Acquisitions Corp.06/13/2018Y
MUDSMudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation II - Class A03-12-2018N
GLBLCartesian Growth Corporation Class A07/25/2017N
BCACBrookline Capital Acquisition Corp.07/18/2017N
DISADisruptive Acquisition Corporation I Class A05/23/2017N
HCCCHealthcare Capital Corp. - Class A02/21/2017Y
PPHPPHP Ventures Acquisition Corp. Class A06/24/2016N
GPACGlobal Partner Acquisition Corp II - Class A10/29/2015N
ENNVECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp. Class A01/21/2015Y
ARTAArtisan Acquisition Corp. Class A10/13/2014Y
CHAACatcha Investment Corp. Class A10/31/2013N
ZTZimmer Energy Transition Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/18/2012N
NSTCNorthern Star Investment Corp. III Class A11/25/2011N
CRUCrucible Acquisition Corporation Class A11/14/2011N
TRONCorner Growth Acquisition Corp. 2 - Class A08/23/2011N
CFVCF Acquisition Corp. V Class A07/19/2011Y
SSAAScience Strategic Acquisition Corp. Alpha - Class A12/21/2009N
AFAQAF Acquisition Corp.03/26/2008N
RICOAgrico Acquisition Corp. - Class A12/28/2007N
THMAThimble Point Acquisition Corp. Class A08/30/2007Y
VCXA10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. II Class A Ordinary Share05/25/2007N
SPTKSportsTek Acquisition Corp. Class A05-10-2006N
ROSSRoss Acquisition Corp II Class A02/17/2006N
ITQItiquira Acquisition Corp. Class A05/23/2005N
ALPAAlpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp. III Class A12-06-2002N
SWETAthlon Acquisition Corp. - Class A10/22/2002N
CMLTCM Life Sciences III Inc. Class A06-07-2002Y
SVFCSVF Investment Corp. 3 - Class A08/28/2001N
SCOAScION Tech Growth I - Class A07-06-2001N
DNADSocial Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp. IV Class A06/21/2001N
KSIKadem Sustainable Impact Corporation - Class A11/13/2000N
RAMAries I Acquisition Corporation - Class A01-04-2000N
PFTAPortage Fintech Acquisition Corporation Class A Ordinary Share01-03-2000N
MITAColiseum Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share01-03-2000N
GGMCGlenfarne Merger Corp. - Class A12/31/1999N


Q. What is a SPAC company?

Private equity firms often use special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) as a tool to raise funds for their portfolio companies that cannot access the public markets. These SPACs are corporations formed with the primary purpose of going public. SPACs are also known as “Blank Check Companies” because IPO investors have no idea what company they’ll ultimately be Investing in.

Q. How does SPAC work?

How Does SPAC Work

The SPAC is created by a capitalist or sponsor with the intention of following deals in a special area. It’s an investment vehicle that allows a group of investors to pool their money together for the purpose of investing in a particular sector.

SPACs place the money raised through IPO in an interest-bearing trust. And Spac has solely two years to the acquisition of the corporate, if they do not complete the acquisition then they need to come back cash to the investors.

Q. What are the top SPACs or Shell Companies?

1 Tuscan Holdings Corp.
2 Fusion Acquisition Corp.
3 Inter Private II Acquisition Corp.
4 FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp.
5 Altimar Acquisition Corp.
6 TPG Pace Solutions Corp.
7 First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp.
8 Merida Merger Corp.
9 Fortress Value Acquisition Corp.
10 Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp.

Q. Can anyone invest in SPACs Companies?

Yes! Anyone can invest in SPACs either through individual securities or by investing in a SPAC ETF.

Q. How to Invest In SPACs?

To invest in Spac you need a brokerage account and Robinhood is good for that. It allows you to add SPACs to your portfolio and also trade in SPAC ETFs.

Q. What is the meaning of a Merger in SPACs?

After the IPO, the SPAC’s promoter needs to search for a target and acquire the private company in the next 2 years.. And when they succeed this called Merger.

Q. How many companies are in SPAC?

The SPACe concept is older than we think and more than 660+ companies are already there in this area till 2021.

Q. Is SPACs have good returns?

According to a report, the track record of investing in SPACs is highly unfavorable to investors; most SPACs underperform the stock market and fall below the IPO price. Given this unfavorable track record, most individual investors should exercise caution when considering investments in SPACs.


The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for investment advice. An investor may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance, where given, is not necessarily a guide to future performance. So invest carefully…



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