Gold Market Cap (2022)

The Estimated Total Market Capitalization - $11.554 Trillion
That is the estimated gold market cap, calculated based on the current price ($1,815.0) and the world's above-ground gold reserves, which are 201,296.1 tonnes (end-2020) according to the WGC (World Gold Council).

Note that gold prices change every day and almost 2500 to 3000 tonnes of gold are mined every year. So it's difficult to determine the exact market cap but if we consider the range then $10-13 trillion dollars is the best estimation for the gold market cap.

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Gold's Historical Data

Throughout history, around 2,01,296 tonnes of gold have been mined till the end of the year 2020, of which more than 65% has been mined in the last 70 years. But around 50,000 tonnes are still under the ground level.

Total Size of Gold

Size of Total Above Ground Gold

This is so much gold that if we create a building from this then it will be about 21.7 meters on each side. 

Gold Annual Market Capitalization

Accourding to the closing price of the year.

Gold vs Silver vs Bitcoin

Silver (7th) and Bitcoin (9th) are among the most valuable assets based on their market cap but Gold (1st) has the highest market capitalization in the world. It's 7.9 times larger than silver and 14 times than bitcoin. (Updated: Sep 2021)

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