Top 5 ETFs to Invest In Nasdaq 100

In this article, you will learn about the top ETF/Index funds to invest in Nasdaq-100 and create a diversified portfolio with minimum risk & stable returns.

In fact: The majority of the professionally managed portfolios failed to beat the S&P 500 returns. The technology sector lead index Nasdaq-100 has outperformed S&P-500 with a wide margin.

The Nasdaq-100 has generated 21.76% trailing returns in the last 10 years (as of Jan 2022)

So Let's Jump on -

  1. What Are The Nasdaq-100 ETFs?
  2. Why Invest Nasdaq-100?
  3. Top ETF's Comparison List
  4. How You Can Invest In Nasdaq Index?

What are the Nasdaq 100 ETFs?

Nasdaq 100 ETF

Nasdaq ETFs are exchange-traded funds tracking the Nasdaq 100 index. ETFs usually have low expense ratios, investor protections in place, and a simple mechanism to invest in many companies at once.

When you invest in individual stocks, you have to research & select stocks, monitor them for changes & need to manage risk. ETFs, help you to lower these burdens and make investing easy for you.

By investing in ETF, you can get the Nasdaq-100 Returns without too much effort and stress about your investments.

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Why to Invest in Nsadq-100 ETFs or Index Funds?

It is not a secret that all investors want to build a better portfolio for long-term wealth creation. There always seems to be that one push or pull that comes with making financial decisions. 
Here are reasons why investing in an ETF based on the Nasdaq 100 will be a sound financial decision.

5 Reason To Invest In Nasdaq ETF

Top 5 Nasdaq-100 ETFs/Index Funds (2022)

  1.  Expense Ratio
  2.  Annual Returns
  3.  Assets Under Management
  4.  Daily Average Volume

These are the 4 factors that can help investors to identify the best Nasdaq ETF for long-term portfolio creation. Based on this, here is the list of best NASDAQ-100 ETFs/Index Funds

Last Update: Jan 2022

ETF NameSymbolPriceExpense RatioAUMInception Date3Y Return5Y Return10Y Return
1. Invesco QQQ TrustQQQ$458.00.20%$174.51B1999-03-1027.69%27.72%22.53%
2. Invesco NASDAQ 100 ETFQQQMmstock asset="qqqm" info="price"]0.15%$1.12B2020-10-13N/AN/AN/A
3. USAA NASDAQ-100 Index FundUSNQX$46.70.44%$4.05B2000-10-2731.50%24.91%20.88%
4. Innovator Nasdaq-100 Power BufferNJAN$44.40.79%$116.11M2019-12-31N/AN/AN/A
5. Invesco Nasdaq 100 Index Fund Class R6IVNQX$38.50.29%$3.66M2020-10-13N/AN/AN/A

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Best ETF For Investment?

No doubt Invesco QQQ is the highest-rated and best-performing ETF (1 of 440) that tracks the Nasdaq-100 Index, also 2nd most liquid fund with 40m average volume and low (0.20%) expense ratio.

In the below chart you can check the last 10-year performance -

Invesco QQQ ETF Annual Total Return

Since (03/10/1999) inception, here is the performance comparison chart with Nasdaq and S&P 500 Return -

Top holdings of Invesco QQQ Trust - Nasdaq Stock Weight

#1 AppleApple Icon10.95%
#2 MicrosoftMicrosoft Icon9.50%
#3 AmazonAmazon Logo8.32%
#4 TeslaTesla Logo4.24%
#5 Facebook (C)Facebook Logo3.78%
#6 Google (C)Google Icon3.62%
#7 Google (A)Google Logo3.31%
#8 NVIDIANvidia logo2.69%
#9 PayPalPaypal Icon2.31%
#10 IntelIntel Logo2.18

Sector wise Allocations -

Invesco QQQ Trust sector allocations

QQQ Geographic Allocation -

Invesco QQQ Geographic Allocation

How to Buy Nasdaq 100 ETF

Here is the simple 3 steps that helps you to invest in Nasdaq-100 ETF's/Index Funds -

Select Your Favotite Fund

Before investing, you have to choose the best ETFs or Index funds based on the comparison of expense ratio, return, aum and liquidity.

Login at Your Trading App

Now login to your trading app, add money according to your investment goal, and ready to buy. (If you do not have any trading account, you can start with TD Ameritrade or Fidelity)

Buy Funds and Relax

Finally, search your fund, set the amount, click on buy, and relax the unit will be credited to the account.

How You Can Invest In Global Nasdaq ETF?

If you are not an American citizen and want to invest in the NASDAQ index then you can go with these non-U.S listed ETF's -

North America Nasdaq ETF

ETF NameSymbolExchange
Horizons BetaPro Nasdaq-100 Bear Plus ETF, TSE-HQDHQDToronto
Horizons BetaPro Nasdaq-100 Bull Plus ETF, TSE-HQUHQUToronto
Horizons NASDAQ-100® Index ETFHXQToronto

Europe Nasdaq ETF

Amundi ETF NASDAQ-100ANXEuroNext Paris
NASDAQ-100 European Tracker ETF (EQQQ)EQQQMultiple European
iShares NASDAQ-100® (DE) former Nasdaq-100 Ex ETFNDXEXXETRA
CS ETF (IE) on Nasdaq-100CSNDXSWX
Lyxor ETF Nasdaq-100LYMSXETRA

Asia Nasdaq ETF

iShares Nasdaq-100 Index-HK2834Hong Kong
BMO NASDAQ 1003086Hong Kong
Fubon NASDAQ-100662Taiwan
GF NASDAQ-100 ETF159941Shenzhen
Guotai NASDAQ 100 ETF513100Shanghai
TIGER NASDAQ-100 ETF133690Korea SE
Next Funds NASDAQ-100 ETF1545Osaka
iShares NASDAQ 100 Index ETF2834Hong Kong

Australia and Africa Nasdaq ETF

KSM NASDAQ 100 Long X3KSNAS51Tel Aviv
KSM NASDAQ 100 Short X3KSNAS54Tel Aviv

Bottom Line

The historical performance is not necessarily an indicator of future returns, so don't take ETFs/ Index Funds as an assurance to get double-digit returns every year.

Investing in ETFs is a way for long-term wealth creation, and it requires consistent investment through SIP. 

A monthly Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) helps you average down the investment cost, and you don't need to worry about the highs and lows of the market.

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Disclaimer - All the information is given only for educational purposes.

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