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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

PriceChangeChange %MarketcapOpenHighLowCloseVolume52 Week RangeEPSDividend RateDividend YieldSectorIndustryEmployeesCountryLast Updated
2.51TechnologySemiconductors12,600United States9 hours ago

Advanced Micro Device Market Cap (2001 – 2022)

YearMarket cap
2021$173.77 B
2020$110.42 B
2019$53.65 B
2018$18.55 B
2017$9.91 B
2016$10.51 B
2015$2.27 B
2014$2.07 B
2013$2.80 B
2012$1.71 B
2011$3.76 B
2010$5.58 B
2009$6.49 B
2008$1.31 B
2007$4.54 B
2006$11.13 B
2005$13.32 B
2004$8.62 B
2003$5.21 B
2002$2.22 B
2001$5.40 B

Advanced Micro Device Revenue & Earnings (2001 – 2021)

2021$14.85 B$3.04 B
2020$9.76 B$1.32 B
2019$6.73 B$0.46 B
2018$6.47 B$0.45 B
2017$5.32 B$0.19 B
2016$4.27 B-$0.3 B
2015$3.99 B-$0.49 B
2014$5.50 B-$0.23 B
2013$5.29 B$0.10 B
2012$5.42 B-$1.05 B
2011$6.56 B$0.17 B
2010$6.49 B$1.17 B
2009$5.40 B$0.84 B
2008$5.85 B-$1.92 B
2007$6.01 B-$2.87 B
2006$5.64 B$0.36 B
2005$5.84 B$0.23 B
2004$5.00 B$0.22 B
2003$3.51 B-$0.25 B
2002$2.69 B-$0.9 B
2001$3.89 B$0.03 B

About The Company

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Sector: Technology
Industry: Semiconductors
Exchange: NMS
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. operates as a semiconductor company worldwide. The company operates in two segments, Computing and Graphics; and Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom. Its products include x86 microprocessors as an accelerated processing unit, chipsets, discrete and integrated graphics processing units (GPUs), data center and professional GPUs, and development services; and server and embedded processors, and semi-custom System-on-Chip (SoC) products, development services, and technology for game consoles. The company provides x86 microprocessors for desktop PCs under the AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen PRO, Ryzen, Threadripper, AMD A-Series, AMD FX, AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon PRO, and AMD Pro A-Series processors brands; microprocessors for notebook and 2-in-1s under the AMD Ryzen, AMD A-Series, AMD Athlon, AMD Ryzen PRO, AMD Athlon PRO, and AMD Pro A-Series processors brands; microprocessors for servers under the AMD EPYC and AMD Opteron brands; and chipsets under the AMD trademark. It also offers discrete GPUs for desktop and notebook PCs under the AMD Radeon graphics and AMD Embedded Radeon brands; professional graphics products under the AMD Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro graphics brands; and Radeon Instinct and AMD Instinct accelerators for servers. In addition, the company provides embedded processor solutions under the AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon, AMD Geode, AMD Ryzen, AMD EPYC, AMD R-Series, and G-Series processors brands; and customer-specific solutions based on AMD CPU, GPU, and multi-media technologies, as well as semi-custom SoC products. It serves original equipment manufacturers, public cloud service providers, original design manufacturers, system integrators, independent distributors, online retailers, and add-in-board manufacturers through its direct sales force, independent distributors, and sales representatives. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.


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