American Express (AXP) Market Cap, Stock Prices, Chart & Financials

American Express Company

PriceChangeChange %MarketcapOpenHighLowCloseVolume52 Week RangeEPSDividend RateDividend YieldSectorIndustryEmployeesCountryLast Updated
9.9961.811.27294455Financial ServicesCredit Services63,700United States7 hours ago

American Express Market Cap (2001 – 2022)

YearMarket cap
2021$124.49 B
2020$97.35 B
2019$100.83 B
2018$80.73 B
2017$86.20 B
2016$67.80 B
2015$67.39 B
2014$95.17 B
2013$96.53 B
2012$63.51 B
2011$54.78 B
2010$51.37 B
2009$48.29 B
2008$21.51 B
2007$60.23 B
2006$72.74 B
2005$63.86 B
2004$70.40 B
2003$62.13 B
2002$46.13 B
2001$47.50 B

American Express Revenue & Earnings (2001 – 2021)

American Express Company Revenue
2021$43.14 B
2020$36.08 B
2019$43.55 B
2018$40.31 B
2017$33.47 B
2016$33.33 B
2015$32.75 B
2014$33.54 B
2013$32.97 B
2012$31.58 B
2011$29.96 B
2010$27.63 B
2009$24.31 B
2008$28.34 B
2007$28.10 B
2006$25.90 B
2005$27.12 B
2004$28.24 B
2003$24.96 B
2002$22.72 B
2001$21.08 B

About The American Express Company

American Express Company
Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Credit Services
Exchange: NYQ
American Express Company, together with its subsidiaries, provides charge and credit payment card products, and travel-related services worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Global Consumer Services Group, Global Commercial Services, and Global Merchant and Network Services. Its products and services include payment and financing products; network services; accounts payable expense management products and services; and travel and lifestyle services. The company's products and services also comprise merchant acquisition and processing, servicing and settlement, point-of-sale marketing, and information products and services for merchants; and fraud prevention services, as well as the design and operation of customer loyalty programs. It sells its products and services to consumers, small businesses, mid-sized companies, and large corporations through mobile and online applications, third-party vendors and business partners, direct mail, telephone, in-house sales teams, and direct response advertising. American Express Company was founded in 1850 and is headquartered in New York, New York.


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