Honeywell International (HON) Market Cap, Stock Prices, Chart & Data

Honeywell International Inc.

PriceChangeChange %MarketcapOpenHighLowCloseVolume52 Week RangeEPSDividend RateDividend YieldSectorIndustryEmployeesCountryLast Updated
7.5223.821.9782495IndustrialsConglomerates103,000United States1 day ago

Honeywell International Market Cap (2001 – 2022)

YearMarket cap
2021$143.54 B
2020$149.24 B
2019$125.86 B
2018$96.39 B
2017$116.06 B
2016$88.29 B
2015$79.82 B
2014$78.15 B
2013$71.61 B
2012$49.68 B
2011$42.03 B
2010$41.62 B
2009$29.95 B
2008$23.84 B
2007$45.96 B
2006$36.21 B
2005$30.89 B
2004$30.09 B
2003$28.82 B
2002$20.50 B
2001$27.66 B

Honeywell International Revenue & Earnings (2001 – 2021)

2021$34.63 B$7.51 B
2020$32.63 B$6.37 B
2019$36.70 B$7.91 B
2018$41.80 B$7.85 B
2017$40.53 B$7.21 B
2016$39.30 B$6.78 B
2015$38.58 B$6.89 B
2014$40.30 B$6.13 B
2013$39.05 B$5.73 B
2012$37.66 B$4.22 B
2011$36.76 B$2.68 B
2010$33.37 B$3.22 B
2009$30.90 B$3.43 B
2008$36.55 B$3.52 B
2007$34.58 B$3.72 B
2006$31.36 B$3.06 B
2005$27.65 B$2.48 B
2004$25.60 B$1.70 B
2003$23.10 B$1.91 B
2002$22.27 B$1.90 B
2001$23.65 B$0.15 B

About The Company

Honeywell International Inc.
Sector: Industrials
Industry: Conglomerates
Exchange: NMS
Honeywell International Inc. operates as a diversified technology and manufacturing company worldwide. Its Aerospace segment offers auxiliary power units, propulsion engines, integrated avionics, environmental control and electric power systems, engine controls, flight safety, communications, navigation hardware, data and software applications, radar and surveillance systems, aircraft lighting, advanced systems and instruments, satellite and space components, and aircraft wheels and brakes; spare parts; repair, overhaul, and maintenance services; thermal systems; and connected solutions and data services for aftermarket, as well as wireless connectivity and management services. The company's Honeywell Building Technologies segment offers software applications for building control and optimization; sensors, switches, control systems, and instruments for energy management; access control; video surveillance; fire products; remote patient monitoring systems; e-cooling heat transfer agents; and installation and upgrades of systems. Its Performance Materials and Technologies segment offers automation control, instrumentation, and software and related services; catalysts and adsorbents, equipment, and consulting; and materials to manufacture end products, such as bullet-resistant armor, nylon, computer chips, and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as Honeywell forge connected solutions. The company's Safety and Productivity Solutions segment provides personal protection equipment, apparel, gear, and footwear; gas detection technology; cloud-based notification and emergency messaging; mobile devices and software; supply chain and warehouse automation equipment, and software solutions; custom-engineered sensors, switches, and controls; and data and asset management productivity software solutions. It has strategic alliances with DENSO Corporation, Signify, and IDEMIA Group, S.A.S. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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