Intel Corp. (INT) Market Cap, Stock Prices, Chart & Financials

Intel Corporation

PriceChangeChange %MarketcapOpenHighLowCloseVolume52 Week RangeEPSDividend RateDividend YieldSectorIndustryEmployeesCountryLast Updated
6.0231.4073.2359704TechnologySemiconductors117,200United States1 day ago

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Intel Corp. Market Cap (2001 – 2022)

YearMarket cap
2021$209.60 B
2020$204.16 B
2019$256.75 B
2018$211.93 B
2017$216.02 B
2016$171.88 B
2015$162.77 B
2014$172.30 B
2013$128.91 B
2012$101.94 B
2011$123.48 B
2010$115.89 B
2009$112.66 B
2008$81.53 B
2007$154.30 B
2006$116.78 B
2005$147.73 B
2004$146.25 B
2003$207.90 B
2002$102.37 B
2001$210.40 B

Intel Corp. Revenue & Earnings (2001 – 2021)

Intel Revenue & Earnings
2021$78.47 B$24.60 B
2020$77.86 B$25.70 B
2019$71.96 B$24.54 B
2018$70.84 B$23.78 B
2017$62.76 B$20.99 B
2016$59.38 B$13.66 B
2015$55.35 B$14.54 B
2014$55.87 B$15.99 B
2013$52.70 B$12.85 B
2012$53.34 B$14.96 B
2011$53.99 B$17.82 B
2010$43.62 B$16.16 B
2009$35.12 B$5.70 B
2008$37.58 B$7.69 B
2007$38.33 B$8.50 B
2006$35.38 B$6.20 B
2005$38.82 B$12.09 B
2004$34.20 B$10.13 B
2003$30.14 B$7.53 B
2002$26.76 B$4.40 B
2001$26.53 B$2.45 B

About The Company

Intel Corporation
Sector: Technology
Industry: Semiconductors
Exchange: NMS
Intel Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells essential technologies for the cloud, smart, and connected devices for retail, industrial, and consumer uses worldwide. The company operates through DCG, IOTG, Mobileye, NSG, PSG, CCG, and All Other segments. It offers platform products, such as central processing units and chipsets, and system-on-chip and multichip packages; and non-platform or adjacent products comprising accelerators, boards and systems, connectivity products, and memory and storage products. The company also provides Internet of Things products, including high-performance compute solutions for targeted verticals and embedded applications; and computer vision and machine learning-based sensing, data analysis, localization, mapping, and driving policy technology. It serves original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, and cloud service providers. Intel Corporation has a strategic partnership with MILA to develop and apply advances in artificial intelligence methods for enhancing the search in the space of drugs. The company was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.


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