Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Market Cap, Stock Prices, Chart & Financials

Microsoft Corporation

PriceChange %ChangeMarketcapOpenHighLowCloseVolume52 Week RangeSectorIndustryEPSDividend YieldDividend RateEmployeesCountryLast Updated
TechnologySoftware—Infrastructure9.580.91011662.42181,000United States1 day ago

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Microsoft Historical Marker Cap (2001-2022)

YearMarket cap
2021$2.512 T
2020$1.681 T
2019$1.200 T
2018$780.36 B
2017$659.90 B
2016$483.16 B
2015$439.67 B
2014$381.72 B
2013$310.50 B
2012$223.66 B
2011$218.38 B
2010$234.52 B
2009$268.55 B
2008$172.92 B
2007$332.11 B
2006$291.94 B
2005$271.54 B
2004$290.71 B
2003$295.29 B
2002$276.63 B
2001$358.05 B

Microsoft Annual Revenue & Earnings (2001-2021)

2021$176.25 B$77.79 B
2020$153.28 B$63.18 B
2019$134.24 B$52.48 B
2018$118.45 B$42.63 B
2017$98.86 B$31.24 B
2016$85.68 B$21.71 B
2015$88.08 B$17.14 B
2014$93.45 B$27.94 B
2013$83.43 B$28.51 B
2012$72.93 B$20.95 B
2011$72.05 B$28.25 B
2010$66.69 B$28.01 B
2009$58.68 B$21.42 B
2008$61.98 B$22.03 B
2007$57.89 B$22.97 B
2006$46.05 B$15.71 B
2005$41.35 B$15.02 B
2004$38.47 B$12.65 B
2003$34.26 B$10.53 B
2002$30.78 B$13.48 B
2001$26.77 B$11.48 B

About The Company

Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, and supports software, services, devices, and solutions worldwide. Its Productivity and Business Processes segment offers Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Security and Compliance, and Skype for Business, as well as related Client Access Licenses (CAL); Skype,, OneDrive, and LinkedIn; and Dynamics 365, a set of cloud-based and on-premises business solutions for organizations and enterprise divisions.

Its Intelligent Cloud segment licenses SQL, Windows Servers, Visual Studio, System Center, and related CALs; GitHub that provides a collaboration platform and code hosting service for developers; and Azure, a cloud platform. It also offers support services and Microsoft consulting services to assist customers in developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft server and desktop solutions; and training and certification on Microsoft products. Its More Personal Computing segment provides Windows original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licensing and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system; Windows Commercial, such as volume licensing of the Windows operating system, Windows cloud services, and other Windows commercial offerings; patent licensing; Windows Internet of Things; and MSN advertising.

It also offers Surface, PC accessories, PCs, tablets, gaming and entertainment consoles, and other devices; Gaming, including Xbox hardware, and Xbox content and services; video games and third-party video game royalties; and Search, including Bing and Microsoft advertising. It sells its products through OEMs, distributors, and resellers; and directly through digital marketplaces, online stores, and retail stores. It has collaborations with Dynatrace, Inc., Morgan Stanley, Micro Focus, WPP plc, ACI Worldwide, Inc., and iCIMS, Inc., as well as strategic relationships with Avaya Holdings Corp. and wejo Limited. Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 and is based in Redmond, Washington.

What Is The Market Cap?

Market capitalization (market cap), is the value of a publicly listed company, which refers to the current market value computed according to the share prices and the number of shares or stocks outstanding.

It is important because it acts as a reasonably good proxy for the intrinsic value of a company, that is its true value based on fundamentals such as earnings, dividends, and assets. This means it can be used to compare one company with another.