List of PIVX Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The following are the websites from where you can buy the PIVX:-

List of PIVX Exchanges

  • BuyUcoin – Supported pairs are PIVX/INR
  • Cryptopia – Supported pairs are PIVX/BTC, PIVX/USDT, PIVX/LTC
  • Livecoin – Supported pairs are PIVX/BTC, PIVX/USD
  • Bitsquare – Add your national currency or cryptocurrency to get started
  • Bittrex Supported pairs are PIVX/BTC
  • YoBit – Supported pairs are PIVX/BTC

Once you buy PIVX coins from the websites mentioned above, then you have to keep them in the wallets, but remember one thing that never stops these coins for a prolonged period it is beneficial if you sell them after a stipulated period.

Asked on September 15, 2018 in Cryptocurrency.
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